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What makes this Magento Multi vendor Marketplace as the best among Magento Marketplace Addons?

E-Commerce is a field of huge business opportunities and the success of companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart and others have proved it numerous times. No doubt, it has  endless opportunities but with the emergence of other players, competition in the eCommerce field has heated up to a great extent. Most importantly, the worst sufferers are the small and medium companies that don’t have a huge customer base and market reach. To guide those vendors, online marketplaces seems to be the perfect place for grabbing higher conversions and sales among bigger stalwarts.

We are glad to inform you that our company, Knowband has come up with this extraordinary Magento Multi vendor Marketplace Extensions that has raised new hopes among small and medium vendors in terms of conversions and sales. Let us discuss the various ways which makes this Magento extensions as the most loved and popular choice among various Magento Marketplace extensions.

Quick registration facility for sellers

Unlike other available Magento Marketplace Modules, this Magento Marketplace extension has the feature that provides the smooth seller registration from the front end itself. It features a “Register as Seller” option on the registration form that eliminates the hurdles in the seller registration process.

Smooth management and control of the seller account

It is now much easier to manage and control your seller account with the interactive and friendly front end interface of this module. Being a seller, you can manage various seller activities like addition of a product, quantity or price. Apart from this, there is no need for any back end login by sellers for accessing their individual account making it as one of the most lucrative Magento Marketplace modules for its targeted customers.

Helps in tracking sales behavior for improving their business in the long run

With the help of this Magento Marketplace extension, seller can now track the sales information in the form of average revenue per order statistics, items sold by a seller, income, order details and other such statistics through the help of various graphs, charts and reports. By having all this relevant data about their seller account, it will be a much simplified task for individual sellers to boost their conversions and sales.

Provides easy mechanism to include special prices for products

In order to boost more conversions and sales on your Magento store, you need to run various shopping offers and campaigns from time to time. Furthermore, to create a sense of urgency among your customers, it is important to run campaigns with your attractive offers in the form of special prices. The availability of feature like ‘Special Price From’ and ‘Special Price To’ dates in this Magento Marketplace extension can inform customers about the life span of your offers to grab higher conversions and sales in a coherent manner.

Effortless addition of various elements and components

It is now much easier to include banner, shop logo, custom HTML content, social URLs and other such element in your Magento site for better performance and productivity. Due to the smooth integration of various elements in this Magento marketplace module, it is now a cakewalk experience to achieve an initial lead among your business rivals. Thus, an easy addition of various site elements makes this Knowband extension as one of the popular choice among numerous Magento Marketplace Module for providing equal business opportunities to small and medium vendors.

Don’t lose higher conversions and sales even if you are one of those small and medium size vendors as this Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace plugin is ready at your service. With baggage of features and functionalities, it can stand tall among various available Magento Multi vendor marketplace modules for imparting a unique place to your eCommerce business. Grab this module now by visiting our Knowband store and exploring other ways of getting higher conversions and sales.

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