Turn Your Magento Store Into A Marketplace With This Magento 2 Extension


Due to the monopoly of the eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba, Flipkart and others in the online shopping segment, various small and medium size eCommerce stores are finding it much difficult to sell their products online. Due to their limited customer base and popularity, they are flocking towards various marketplaces for ensuring their product reach among large number of online shoppers. However, the situation is going to change soon as eCommerce store owners can now effortlessly turn their Magento store into an effective marketplace with the advanced features of this Magento 2 Multi vendor marketplace extension that can bring together the community of sellers and buyers at one single location. For providing a better insight about this mind blowing Magento 2 extensions, you need to take a look about how it has been transforming the lives of numerous buyers, sellers and other related individuals.

A boon for the seller community due to its unmatched features and functionalities

Sellers will have a sigh of relief as this module has opened up new market of opportunities and customer engagement for improving the reach of their product among their targeted customers. Magento 2 Multi vendor marketplace module has provided them enhanced functionality to improve their product sales and conversion rates to a great extent. Let us explore the other path breaking features of this Marketplace extension that are described below:

  • Sellers can now register easily from the front end of the store due to the presence of “Register as Seller” option.
  • Provides a complete detailed information about all the sellers on the store through the help of an easy to use, intuitive seller profile page.
  • With this plugin, it is now easier for sellers to add the product quantity and price into the product list along with the simplified product management.
  • Allow sellers to check the interactive seller transaction report through the help of panel options.
  • Provides complete detailed sales information in the form of average revenue per order statistics and graphs for getting a clear insight about the order and earnings on your Magento store.
  • Helps in enhancing the functionality of the product page through options like addition of social URLs, product enable/disable feature, easy insertion of the special price, seller account profile, category and sub category approval/disapproval requests and other such multiple functionalities.

Reinvented the online shopping experience for buyer community

To improve your product sales, customer engagement and conversion rates on your eCommerce stores, it is important to provide a unique online shopping experience to your buyers. Due to the tough competitive business environment, expectations of the customers are rising to an all time high and this module has provided the enhanced functionality to buyer community for getting them engaged to your site. Here is an account of the features that has redefined the online shopping experience for the buyers.

  • Provides seamless access to the list consisting of sellers and the related ratings on your Magento marketplace.
  • Helps buyers to check all the related products from an individual seller on each product page.
  • Allow customization facility to make desired changes in the email subject lines and body content through the back end of the Magento store.
  • Provides a simple option for turning buyers into sellers for facilitating effective product sales.
  • Facilitates quick searching of the sellers by the buyer community through the presence of multiple searching filters.

Expanded the powers, functionality and roles of the store admin

With this Magento Marketplace extensions, store admin has achieved greater functionality and freedom in maintaining their marketplace store. It has made online buying and selling products a much seamless task. It is time to explore its various features for store admin that are as follows:

  • Store admin can now effortlessly manage the seller account as well as vendor list through the presence of advanced features of this plugin.
  • Provides full control and authority to store admin for accepting or rejecting any seller request for the purpose of product addition.
  • Store admin can now set the commissions for various vendors on the marketplace store. Apart from this, it provides freedom to set separate commissions for individual seller as well as decide the commission percentage for each seller on your store.
  • Consists of a simplified interface for store owners for the effective maintenance of seller accounts, seller products, seller orders, commissions and seller transaction details.
  • Allow store owners to set restrictions on various product categories for ensuring the product addition into select allowed categories. Further, you can set different product restrictions for different sellers on your marketplace store.

It can now be easily deduced that this Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace extension is loaded with numerous features and functionalities for everyone be it store admin, buyers or sellers community and is truly a remarkable plugin. It has the potential to revolutionize your entire eCommerce store for giving a major boost to your conversion rates, product sales, customer engagement and site traffic. Come to our Knowband site, www.knowband.com now and purchase this Magento module for securing your effective future in the eCommerce business segment.

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