What makes the PrestaShop Facebook login extension a necessity? | Knowband

What makes the PrestaShop Facebook Login Extension a necessity?

Facebook and PrestaShop are the two names that do not require any introduction today. The two have already built a strong identity among their respective audiences and they are growing stronger day by day. A PrestaShop Facebook login extension is a special addition to the PrestaShop’s core login system where the only way to login to a user account was through an account registration. The PrestaShop Facebook login extension enables a PrestaShop store to acquire the capabilities to accept and allow a social login feature through the Facebook credentials.

Facebook is the largest social networking platform today. It is assumed that a user coming to an eCommerce site would surely have an account on this popular social media platform. Now, if the PrestaShop site can leverage the availability of such a huge number of Facebook users for capturing the user’s information required for an account registration, it will spare the users from manually entering that information. As a result, it will reduce a heavy burden of account registration form-filling activity from the customers.

How does a PrestaShop Facebook login work?

What makes the PrestaShop Facebook login extension a necessity?- How does a PrestaShop Facebook login work? | Knowband
                                                                 How Facebook or any social login works

Installing a PrestaShop Facebook login extension delivers the functionality to accept Facebook social login on the PrestaShop website. Facebook officially provide an API setup that facilitates the information fetching from the Facebook profile of the user to the PrestaShop application.

The API configuration is made on the Facebook account and after the configuration, Facebook provides an APP ID and APP secret key that needs to be updated in the PrestaShop Facebook login extension’s configuration setup. By entering the API information in the module’s configuration it authenticates the PrestaShop Facebook login extension to facilitate an information exchange required for a successful social login through Facebook.

What makes the PrestaShop Facebook login extension a necessity?- Required details to configure a Facebook login | Knowband
Required details to configure a Facebook login

The information acquired through the Facebook is then saved in the PrestaShop database and is utilized by the PrestaShop Facebook login extension to create a user account automatically on the PrestaShop store as well; that too without filling a registration form.

How important is Facebook social login?

1. Facebook has the largest base of users-

Facebook being the largest social networking site poses a huge base of users. It is already a proven fact a large number of shopping carts abandonment occurs due to the requirement of compulsory account registration on the eCommerce sites. So, if you can leverage the huge user base of Facebook and start accepting the PrestaShop social login on your site, you will automatically eliminate a huge reason for shopping cart abandonment. Moreover, a Facebook login will be a great advancement on the usability and conversion optimization front either.

2. Customers do not like to create an account-

An account registration is one of the heaviest tasks that you would ask your customers to do before purchasing anything from you. If you ask them to create an account before they can purchase anything, they will simply abandon your site and look for an alliterative site where account registration is not compulsory. So leveraging a Facebook login will be a good option here. It will allow the customers to create an account with just one click on the Facebook login button and entering their Facebook credentials.

3. It’s tricky for them to remember account credentials-

There are a large number of eCommerce and other websites people use every day. Now, for each of the websites, they would have a user account. So, it becomes very tricky for the users to remember the account credentials for each of the account they possess on the internet. A regular account on your website would be nothing but just an addition to the list of forgotten passwords. A PrestaShop Facebook login extension would spare the customers from this burden very effectively. They do not need to remember the credentials of each account they have. Just the Facebook login credentials are enough to log into any website having Facebook social login facility.

4. Your rival sites have it already-

The most important reason for why you should have a Facebook login is because your competitors already have it on their website. The rival sites will not spare a chance to steal your customers anyhow. They will jump with their Facebook login option in case any customer leaves your site because of any of the above-explained factors. So, you need a similar weapon that will prevent your website from losing customers. PrestaShop Facebook login extension is certainly the one tool for you here.

The role of a PrestaShop Facebook login extension in eCommerce is too huge to explain in a single post. It is just that you need to stay updated with trending techs to acquire customers. Social login through Facebook is one such tech for you which you should not miss.

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