Decoding the SEO settings of Magento 2 platform

Decoding the SEO settings of Magento 2 platform | KnowBand

Magento 2 platform is the recent upgrade which is dedicated for Magento users around the world. This eCommerce platform is equipped with multiple features and functionalities that are aimed at simplifying the online shopping experience. For the growth and online popularity of your Magento 2 site, this platform consists of various SEO settings that can handle a wide range of functions.

In this blog, we are taking a quick tour around the various SEO settings that are a part of this featured loaded Magento 2 platform. If you want to optimize the performance of your Magento site, here are the various SEO features that need to be considered for better online search engine rankings.

Meta Data

Apart from the standard default titles and meta descriptions that can be set on the individual basis for a store through HTML Head fields, there is one more addition in this latest Magento 2 upgrade. It consists of Product Fields Auto-Generation feature that allows establishing a pattern for titles and meta descriptions for all the products on a Magento 2 site automatically. However, this new feature does not contain the facility to customize auto generation per products groups for any business requirements.


While applying canonical tags on category pages under SEO settings in Magento 2 platform, it needs to be understood that the canonical tags pointing to the main category URL are also present for sorting and filtering pages with parameters. This may not be a great way to handle partially duplicate content but it is still better than having numerous URLs with parameters that are indexed by Google.

XML sitemap

Magento 2 update consists of a feature that allows automatic inclusion of images to your sitemap for improved Google rankings of images. This feature is an extra addition besides the earlier SEO features of crawl delay and update frequency. Besides this, the eCommerce platform provides site owners an option that enables them to add XML sitemap URL into the robots.txt file.


With this latest Magento upgrade, it is easy to edit your robots.txt file from the admin grid. Unlike the previous Magento platform, it does not require any FTP or other formalities for implementing changes in the robots.txt file. You need to further utilize the services of Google Console for having a clear insight into the performance of directives present in a file work.

Rich Snippets for products

This latest Magento 2 platform consists of microdata facility for product pages by default. It does not contain any option to perform editing through the admin panel which is actually not required. With this markup, you can achieve rich snippets on Google search results pages. However, in the case of adding any organization, breadcrumbs or another markup, the site owners need to install feature driven Magento 2 extensions on their site.

Easy integration of Google Analytics and Google Adwords tools

Integrating any site analytics, customer tracking and heatmap extension like Google Analytics along with keyword planner tools like Google Adwords is a cakewalk exercise for latest Magento 2 platform. It consists of special fields that allow site owners to insert the tracking codes without performing any changes in the templates.

This Magento 2 upgrade possesses many improved SEO functionalities for Magento site owners. For fulfilling any other specific SEO features, you can add any desired eCommerce extensions on your site.

Final words

Magento 2 platform is the latest Magento upgrade that is impressive and powerful due to its exceptional features and functionalities. It is packed with numerous SEO features that can help in optimizing the online visibility and search engine rankings on various search engines. In addition to these inbuilt SEO features, site owners can include any desired Magento 2 extensions through any eCommerce plugin development services company. For getting amazing eCommerce extensions at the most affordable price, site owners can also visit the Knowband store.

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