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An E-Commerce guide towards a seamless Magento 2 Upgrade

Magento 2 platform has arrived in the eCommerce business scenario quite a few days back. With this latest release, there are numerous store owners who might be thinking about making a quick transition on this eCommerce platform. The idea is actually good and a right decision for your store considering the multiple features and functionalities contained by this recent Magento upgrade. However, you need to show certain restraint towards this accomplishing hasty step as it might affect your business chances and conversions. Here are the few things or areas that needs to be handled while taking the first step towards Magento 2 migration.

1. Availability of limited extensions and themes for your store

Due to the recent introduction of this Magento 2 platform, there are limited number of extensions and themes that are created for this recent upgraded platform. There are various important extensions that are still not part of this new eCommerce platform which could affect the performance and productivity of your online store. If you want any specific Magento 2 extensions for any particular task on your site, you can visit our Knowband store and can select the desired plugin for your business.

2. Requirement of an effective hosting environment

If you want to drive maximum output out of this new upgraded Magento platform, it is advised to utilize the services of an optimized hosting platform that can serve the upgraded versions like PHP 7.0.2 and MySQL 5.6. You can also check out Nginx 1.8 web server as well as Apache 2.2 or 2.4 platform for this new Magento 2 platform. This upgraded eCommerce platform achieves higher speed benefits through Redis and Varnish also. Besides this, the Enterprise Edition of Magento platform can utilize web server like Apache Solr 4.x for search purposes and data distribution on three database masters. Don’t overlook these crucial parameters while deciding the appropriate web hosting server for your site.

3. Absence of required technical expertise and assistance

Being the recent upgrade, Magento platform developers don’t have all the finalized certification avenues for the new upgraded platform. There are increased chances that developers who are proficient in Magento 1 may not work properly on this new Magento 2 platform due to the limited exposure and information. It is importance to look out for a superb Magento developers that can carry out the various customization task without any problem. Handing over your Magento site to any inexperienced developers can cost you dearly in terms of conversion rates as they are not following Magento best practices.

4. Amount of cost involved in the migration process

Before planning the migration activity for this new upgraded Magento version, it is important to consider the cost that is involved in this entire critical process. Due to the difference in the platform architecture and theme, it would cost you good bucks while migrating your entire store to this new Magento 2 platform. But, there is a news of respite for you as the platform provides Magento 2 migration guide for a seamless transition.

5. Limited integration services

With the constant expansion and growth of your eCommerce business, it is imperative to add new third party Magento 2 extensions and API (Application programming interface) services. You may require the modules for various tasks like shipping, product management, omni channels sales and other such activities. With the migration of your platform, it may happen that these modules may not work properly with the new upgraded version due to unavailability of custom connectors which could cause problem in the integration services.

Once, you are well aware about the possible roadblocks in the path of migration journey towards Magento 2 platform, there are more chances of successful transition. Remember it is better to “Look before you actually leap” in order to avoid the severe consequences in a particular field. With a clear knowledge about the challenges, store owners can seamlessly upgrade their Magento store towards this new upgraded platform.

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