Prestashop Marketplace Seller Vacation Mode Addon – User Manual

Introduction of Prestashop Marketplace Seller Vacation Mode Addon

This module is basically developed for the sellers to let them inform their customers that they will not be available to sell for a particular time duration. In this module, the seller can set a specific time interval during which he will be unavailable on the marketplace. An alert is sent to the customers when a seller goes to vacation and a similar alert is sent once he/she is back from vacation. All these automation is done using the cron instructions.

The admin can also set a cron which will activate and deactivated the vacation mode and also sends an email to the sellers as soon as the vacation mode is activated or deactivated.

Steps for Installation

To install this ad-don, please follow the following steps:

1. Add ad-don folder under modules folder of your system.

2. After adding this ad-don folder, system will list the ad-don on module page under front office feature category as given below:

Installation of Prestashop Marketplace Seller Vacation Mode Addon | Knowband

3. Click install to install this Prestashop Admin Tool Addon.

After installation, a menu (My Vacations) will be displayed to the seller in the Other Features Menu tab as shown in below screen:

Menu Loaction of Seller Account Interfaces | Knowband

On clicking the highlighted link, the system will redirect seller to his “My Vacations Time” window.

My vacation time | Knowband

My Vacations time configuration

Here all the menu items and fields of the module are mentioned:

In the above window Click on Create New Vacation at the right top side of the interface. A new window appears for the configuration of your vacation mode.

My Vacations time configuration | Knowband

Settings Description

1. Vacation Title: You need to give a title to your vacation mode. This title is only for your internal use and will not be displayed to any other.

2. Vacation Start Date: In this field, the seller will set the date for which he is going to vacation and will not to available on the marketplace.

Please note : For testing also always mention the present date or date yet to come. Do not enter a past date in this field.

3. Vacation End Date: In this field, the seller will set the date when his vacation ends and will again be available on the marketplace.

4. Save: Click Save button to save all your settings made.

Module Work Flow

When the admin will install this module on his Prestashop marketplace addon, each seller will get a sub menu on their seller account page. Once a seller sets his vacation time through the interface provided to them on their seller’s account, the cron which has been already configured by the seller will start working. The module will automatically start and stop a vacation mode for a particular seller according to the time set by the seller. During the time period of the vacation mode, the particular seller’s profile will be inactive on the marketplace and his products will not be shown to the customers either.

The customers may also receive emails according to the cron set up by the admin on his server but if the seller has disabled the cron settings from his interface then sellers won’t receive any of the emails which will be generated from the cron regarding the starting and stopping of the vacation mode.

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