Why you should integrate your eCommerce store with a Marketplace?


The growth of eCommerce isn’t hidden from us. Online shopping is spreading with pace and its influence can be witnessed all over the world in almost every field. The modern users have already shifted their preference from physical stores to the mobile screens and this has lead to the growth of online Marketplace with each passing day.

Big Marketplaces have millions of daily visitors. Many shopaholics visit the renowned marketplaces because of their brand popularity, vast variety of product choices and many more. One of the reasons behind online commerce expansion are the unmatched offerings and benefits. The Customers might be checking small eCommerce websites too, but they still buy the same product from these renowned Marketplaces. This definitely clears the scenario that if you haven’t thought of integrating your store with a marketplace, you must be losing most of the online leads and potential customers.

Integration with a Marketplace offers numerous benefits to small as well as large businesses. Here, I am listing down 5 solid reasons to integrate your website with an online Marketplace:

1. To Beat the Competition:


Beating the competition isn’t easy in this ever-growing retail market. This makes it prime requirement why you should start selling on a Marketplace. There are numerous websites as of yours and even they are selling the same product. Thus, it might be hard for you to stand out between all these webshops. So, you should compete with all these websites by integrating with a Marketplace to encourage your brand name and increase your business growth.

2. To Reach huge audiences:


The major benefit of integrating with a Marketplace is to attract their huge audience towards your product. Many shoppers don’t buy products from small websites due to lack of trust. Marketplace is the perfect spot to get noticed between the potential customers and compel them to buy your product. Even a little bit of attention could turn out into huge sales and revenues.

3. To save time and money:


Promoting your brand name separately through various marketing processes can sometimes be not fruitful for you. In that case it could lead to huge loss of revenues and waste of time too. The basic approaches to popularise your brand doesn’t come with any surety. That’s where Marketplaces comes into picture. They not only provide a bigger platform to build a digital storefront but also lures the heavy consumer traffic too. This hassle free approach will definitely save your time and money and will result in massive sales.

4. To improve your SEO:


It’s really important that your products are placed on the top shelf of search results to divert customer’s attention towards them. If a product is not visible to the shoppers then there is no point of its sale. Marketplaces also helps to increase your brand exposure and SEO strategies. Product listing on an online Marketplace helps you improve your SEO results by bringing it to more user’s visibility. The website’s excellent SEO practices turns out in huge sales and revenues.

5. To ease international sale :


Marketplaces let you navigate into international markets and helps you to increase your cross-border sales. Besides attracting customers in your country only, you can reach out to millions of more customers worldwide with just a single platform. Your sales will most likely increase and this will let you to be a conventional seller all over the world. Being a global third party seller will eventually boost up your sales and business growth.

6. IT infrastructure already in existence:


There is no need to invest in the IT infrastructure and other related resources for selling a product. Sellers can take advantage of Marketplace structure without any hassle. By this, sellers can earn huge chunk of profits without even investing a single penny on technical advancements.

7. Hassle free product shipping and delivery management:


There are many marketplace sites that own a courier service for shipping and delivery purposes. If you are at your initial stage of business, you can take advantage of the delivery service owned by Marketplace. This will let you save your revenues from investing on delivery services. This will let sellers to provide free shipping to customers and will go for instant purchase.

8. Test a new product:


If you have launched a new product, you could not assume that it must be acceptable in between customers or not. In this case, you can test your product by launching it on a reputed Marketplace as it could be visible to millions of customers worldwide. This will give you the acceptance of your product all over the world and if customers are satisfied, you could import more stock of the same and sell it without any hassle.


Integrating an eCommerce store with an online Marketplace is definitely a great option for both small and large sized businesses. It’s really necessary to give an enhanced recognition to your business and Marketplace suits perfect for the job. This was all from my end, now it’s totally up to you to select a Marketplace according to your website and products and integrate the same as soon as possible.

Integrate your store with the Marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Newegg, Google Shopping and others. In order to provide an effortless listing and inventory management process to store owners, KnowBand offers Marketplace Integrators for various CMS platforms like Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento and Shopify. This helps in showcasing your products among larger audience and enhance the brand awareness as well.

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