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Prestashop Infinite Scroll

In the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the number of eCommerce stores. On one hand, this has opened multiple options for the online shoppers to shop from, while on the other hand, this tremendous rise has made it quite challenging for the e-retailers to keep their customers stick to their store. The competitive market has led the eCommerce merchants to come up with some unique ideas on their store at regular intervals to ensure that their visitors enjoy a smooth experience and remain loyal. One such idea adopted by the e-merchants is the use of Infinite Scroll, also known as an endless scroll.

Great user experience is essential to ensure customer acquisition as well as customer retention. To make sure that users enjoy a hassle-free browsing experience, Knowband comes up with the Infinite Scroll module for Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento and Magneto 2 store owners.

The Infinite Scroll module eliminates the traditional pagination system from your eCommerce store and optimizes your site to load the next page products automatically within the same page. It helps customers browse your store products easily without the need to navigate to the next page manually. The infinite scroll module saves a lot of time and effort of your customers.

Why do we prefer the Infinite Scroll module?

Infinite Scroll module has proved to be very effective in increasing the conversion rate. How? Check out the points mentioned below.



With the help of the Infinite Scroll module, merchants can now provide an easy browsing experience to their customers. Because of continuous loading, customers can now browse all the products of a particular category on a single page. Since a user needs to put minimum efforts to browse content, this makes infinite scroll an efficient module as it saves time that otherwise would have been wasted while switching multiple pages. Along with this feature, the customers are provided with a “Go to top” link button, clicking on which they would be able to navigate to the top of the page with just a button click.



The availability of Infinite Scrolling has proved to be very engaging for the customers, which has helped store owners in keeping high the customer engagement rate on their store The potential buyers now need not skip from page to page in order to browse their desired product. The option to view all the products under a single page makes an infinite scroll module more convincing and provides an interactive interface to the store. With easy automatic scrolling, e-retailers have found a significant increase in the average time spent by the customer on their eCommerce store.



The infinite scroll module has turned out to be very effective as far as the conversions are concerned. Most of the time, when customers don’t find the product matching their expectations after scrolling a number of pages, it certainly kills their interest to browse further. Who knows if they had got the perfect fit on the next page? But since they stopped after a point, they couldn’t be converted into potential buyers. This causes an effect on your sales. Hence, with the introduction of the infinite scroll module, it becomes quite easy for the customers to keep looking for the products without skipping to another page. It doesn’t break their flow and keeps the chances of conversions very high.



The infinite scroll module has given a new definition to product browsing. The concept has emerged and started to catch the attention of merchants as well as the customers. A majority of the customers now seek for the Infinite Scrolling feature on different eCommerce stores. It won’t be wrong to say that, “Infinite scroll is the new cool” for the e-commerce industry. Most of the web stores have already opted for this feature. If your store is lagging behind, you are seriously missing out on a great opportunity to scale-up your conversion funnel.



Serving customers with better features and functionality to provide them an amazing user experience is the necessity of every store owner today. The infinite scroll module is one of the features that have evidently proved to be a boon for the eCommerce merchants. This not just ensures better conversion rates but also promises to keep your customers stays intact with your web store for future purchases.

If you run your e-commerce store on Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento or Magneto 2, do try this module today. Check out: Infinite Scroll addon for Prestashop, Infinite Scroll extension for OpenCart, Magento Infinite Scroll extension, Magento 2 Infinite Scroll extension.


The tough competition in the e-commerce market has enforced the online businesses to come up with creative ideas to stand out in the market. Businesses are keen on looking for ways to improvise user experience, and reducing clicks is one of the best practices for that matter. If you found this article helpful, do drop a comment in the comment section below.

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