Last Minute Easter Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2021

During festive days, most of the purchase decisions are driven by emotions.  Easter is one such festival with lots of feelings attached and is celebrated all across the world. Amid the new COVID strain, for Easter marketing you have to adopt some tactics that can be beneficial for both, you and the buyer and let your buyer purchase with convenience and in their comfort.

Eggs-clusive Easter marketing tips to boost sale on your website

Every big brand is running Easter discount on their online and brick-and-mortar stores. Why you should sit at home? Egg-hunt is the most exciting part of Easter marketing ideas. Run a deal or an egg hunt on your store.

1.     Offer Discount and Run Easter Deals


Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a good deal on Easter, and promotional deals will convince a customer to buy from you instead of your rival. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • You can run deals on specific products or all across the store.
  • You can also offer a buy one, get one deal and this special always works.
  • Bundling items that fit well together will save the consumer time and money. Chocolate, hot cross buns, and coffee, as well as several fluffy toys for kids and the components of an Easter egg painting kit, may be included in a gift hamper.

To run deals, you can use deals and discount-related modules on your eCommerce store.

2.     Give Easter feel to your Home Page

Give Easter Feel to your Home Page

You must be offering some exclusive Easter deals or coupon codes for Easter marketing. On the top banner, display them to the users. Visitors to your site will see this thin banner at the very top of the page. Use the photos along with some insightful and catchy text to remind your users of the different ways they can profit from your Easter sale. These banners can be used to display discount codes, promotional deals, and more.

You can also add gamification on your website’s landing page by using an exciting Spin and Win wheel. Customers get encouraged to take a chance in order to win a reward. Add catchy lines on the text area that drives their attention. You can show the number of offers claimed by the wheel to create the FOMO.

3.     This Easter, Create the Urgency

Every day leading up to Easter, promote a different special offer to invite people to visit your social media and/or e-commerce sites. Alternatively, you might build your Easter marketing campaign to generate a sense of urgency by making deals available for a limited time only or stressing “While supplies last!” to inspire customers to purchase sooner rather than later. Include a countdown timer on your eCommerce website for unique products. The sense of urgency is a special card that always works and promotes impulsive buying.

4.     Promote Easter Gift Cards

What services would you have on your own website? Gifting is a major part of Easter celebrations, and it’s a fun experience for both the giver and the recipient. You could inspire your audience to share the joy of giving by encouraging them to give the Gift Card to loved ones or those in need and this is a feel-good Easter Marketing Idea. Providing a customized Easter-themed gift card to do so will help spread the word.

Play Social Media Card to win your customers

Every business has its social media pages and is investing a lot in social media campaigns every year. For the Easter marketing campaign, use your social media pages for bringing more traffic to your website.

5.     Run a Give-Away Contest on Social Media Pages


Easter is a festival that brings people together to eat, play, and spend time with their families. So, rather than going for the hard sell, use Easter to make your brand a part of the tradition. Easter giveaways on social media are a great way to join in the fun.

For instance, the long Easter weekend is a wonderful time for opulent gluttony… that is, lots and lots of chocolate. As a result, chocolate eggs, cookies, and Easter baskets make great prizes for your Easter social media giveaways.

6.     Create #Easter special Hashtags

You may also use social media to try out user-generated content. This Easter, request your fans to take a selfie, share their best work, or share their favorite ways to use your items and then share them on social media with a special hashtag containing your company’s name.

Send Emails with Exciting deals and offers to eggs-hilarate your existing customers

Email is also one of the most effective ways to communicate with people online. Another creative Easter marketing idea is to create an email with your Easter deals and promotions and make sure to include a catchy subject line. Since your email will most likely be competing with several others in your customers’ inboxes, you’ll want to spend some time crafting the perfect subject line.

You can add some Loyalty Points to your customer’s wallets and motivate them by creating a sense of urgency. For instance, you can put a validity period for the points added that will trigger the psychology and motivates them to shop earlier.

In conclusion, Easter is a perfect time to draw new and returning customers to your online store and improve sales. Get into the holiday spirit by putting together a basket of egg-citing tactics that are both festive and beneficial to your online company. The company will be booming before you know it!

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