Holiday Sales Countdown: Things that your Customers would Expect

Holiday Sale

The commencement of the holiday season demands the eCommerce store to stay one step ahead and plan for the occasion. The beginning of holiday sales provides the web store with better opportunities to connect with the visitors, treat them well, and in return gain better sales from them. This is the main reason that every store owner wants to be prepared for the holiday sales and plan it a long ago.

In order to be sure that the sales made are better than last time, shopping sites not only need to equip themselves with quality products but take into consideration the expectation of the buyer as well. While the greetings and best wishes play an important role in establishing a better customer-seller relationship, the buyer expects a bit more which could make their holiday season a feast for their pockets.

There are various ways in which a web store can make sure that the customers are happy with the service provided and make sure they return to the store even after the holiday sales to make future purchases. Some of the things a customer expects from the web store during holiday sales are discussed below.

Occasional discounts

Season Sale

Discounts are a part of online shopping. Even during the non-holiday sales, a regular customer would expect the store to provide them some discounts or incentives on their purchase, but this expectation gets high especially during this season.

Thus, in order to make your store standout amongst the crowd of many stores, you need to provide the customers with deals that they can’t turn their eyes off to. It will help you to make better sales and at the same time the customers are highly motivated to make a purchase using the discounts provided by the web store. It just sets the bar high for your sales.

Personalized Experience

Every customer desires to get a unique experience while visiting their favorite store. To make this happen, the store owner can provide custom personalization with products and services as per their requirements. Customer experience personalization involves designing or producing services and products to meet the individual requirements of the customer.

Surveys say that a growth of 5 to 15% can be observed if a store starts providing custom solutions to every individual customer. To collect information, the store owner can run surveys with popup forms; add extra fields on the product page and checkout page. The customer experience can be improved with better greetings while a customer visits the store and after he makes the purchase.

This is a fast and simple way to implement a personalized customer journey that will inevitably lead to happy future customers.



The holiday season is the busiest time of the year. Every customer cannot turn towards the store to check for the availability of products. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the eCommerce stores to provide them with that information. The holiday preparation of the eCommerce stores should include the marketing tactics to keep the customers informed.

He customers are highly delighted when they see a product or an offer on a product which they would like to make a purchase on. These types of initiatives by the web stores are highly appreciated by the buyers and they are more likely to visit the store. The shopping sit can provide these kinds of updates to the user in many forms such as through calls, emails, or push notifications.

The web store should not restrict them to customer-oriented marketing, they can use the social media platforms to make the general customers aware of the store sales and the better opportunities they might be missing if they don’t take a look at the web store.

Free shipping

Free Shipping

One of the biggest concern for the buyers during the holiday sales is the receiving of the products. As it is peak time and all the customers are highly encouraged to involve themselves in other activities. The eCommerce sites could come front and provide them with the free delivery option.

It will enlighten the mood of the customers and will help in increasing their trust in your store. The online stores need to manage their free shipping efficiently. The Prestashop free shipping module is one such module that can help the Prestashop store.

The module makes sure that the customers are made available to fee shipping by taking their product value in mind. The sellers can set free shipping priorities by zones, price, and weight. These types of commitment made by the stores are highly expected by the buyers and they love to get these types of treatments.

Win back campaigns

Winback campaigns

There must always be some time of encouragement for the customers to keep making a purchase. Every customer wants to enroll themselves into a bigger part of something. This can be made available by the web store by keeping the win-back campaigns.

The buyers can make a purchase from the site and in return, each of them has an equal chance of winning a grand prize or something like that. Here are various ways the websites can provide those opportunities to the customers either through a luck draw a number system. This keeps the buyer occupied and boosts them to make sales to improve their chances of winning the bigger prize.

Help and support

Help and Support

The sales can be confusing even for the customers. Therefore, they can require help anytime. In order to be sure that the visitors are provided with every possible help, the stores must encourage the 24/7 services with the live chat feature where the customers can clear their doubts regarding every product related provable.

These types of services prove to be an effective means of encouraging customers to make a purchase and boost their motivation level. The chat feature is becoming more common but the holiday sales demand a better assistance system. Redirecting the conversation from negative to positive places focus on the proposed solution.

When the outcome takes center stage, it reduces the odds that customers will be upset. A better help and support team to improve the sales made during the holiday sales.

Over to You

The web store must consider the fact that a customer will only make a purchase when he thinks the store is providing them with available services. If this is not the case then the chances of making sales are lowered during these sales. Therefore, the web-store must be prepared with all available elements to improve the conversions during holiday sales.

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