6 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas for your OpenCart store

Creative Easter Marketing Ideas OpenCart

Easter is a holiday that encourages people to unwind and enjoy themselves, but it’s also a perfect time to get your company in front of current and prospective customers by using seasonal promotions. Why is it important for eCommerce marketers to come up with “egg-cellent” Easter marketing concepts? It’s that fast. Easter has grown into one of the year’s most profitable shopping holidays. But what about Easter marketing ideas for online shopping? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some eCommerce Easter marketing ideas for OpenCart stores that are looking for some last-minute promotional tactics to bring your business to be front of mind to existing and new customers.

  1. Add Gamification to keep them engaged

Gamification is a fun element used in every aspect of business and digital media. Using Gamification for your Easter marketing campaign will increase the average spend time of the user on your OpenCart store.

Give your home page a new look with gamified Easter-themed Spin and Win Lucky Wheel. It can be customized by changing colors and adding different promotional deals on each slice. Customers get motivated with the catchy text and the result, the final reward that keeps them encouraged to take the chance.


Another Gamified element that can be used for Easter marketing is Scratch Coupons. Scratch cards create suspense and scratching them virtually engages the user for longer. You can put some egg-themed scratch cards on your OpenCart store and ask users to find them. Yes, an Egg hunt!

  1. Sell Eggs-clusive Custom Designed Products

To benefit from Easter marketing, you don’t need a big marketing budget; simply start small and expand. If you are selling products like clothing, gift items, or anything that can be customized, turn it into an opportunity. Start your Print-and-sell business and design custom products. For instance, a bunny printed coffee mug can be a good option to start with.


  1. Personalized Easter special Gift Cards for Loved Once

Every customer is your main and in 2021, giving personalization is in trend. The next Easter marketing idea is to enhance the personalized user experience of existing customers, bring new customers, and boost sales. Giving eggs during Easter is a way for Christians to celebrate new life. Offer personalized egg-themed Gift Cards on your OpenCard store and let them have the joy of giving.

  1. Use ‘Facebook Share and Win’

This isn’t a new marketing idea but you should definitely include ‘Facebook Share and Win’ in your Easter marketing plan. For your OpenCart store, a customer can share your products with their friends and family on their Facebook page. You can reward them with deals and discounts on every share they do. This Easter marketing idea accomplishes a lot with one share.

  1. Send emails with eggs-citing deals

Set the tone for your advertising campaign by using Easter-themed marketing materials and giving your company an Easter feel. Using a creative Easter-y subject line with a perfectly tailored email can force your customers to click on the email notification. Emails are one of the most competitive marketing channels but to stand out, you have to go out of the box. OpenCart Follow-up emails can help you with this.

6. Use Coupons to boost sales

Don’t be afraid to run an Easter marketing campaign to entice potential buyers to purchase from you. Generate coupon for your Brand, for a specific customer, on a particular Payment Method, or on a Shipping Method, etc. through OpenCart coupon code generator extension. Customers can take advantage of a variety of discounts and shop as much as they want. The coupon code can be easily applied on the checkout page that enhances the shopping experience for customers.

Finally, with that in mind, you’ll need to time your Easter marketing plan perfectly, just like the perfect egg. To inspire consumers to buy your goods and services, plan ahead and revisit your marketing strategy. We’ve talked about some fantastic Easter marketing ideas to get you thinking. Now it’s up to you to build and ride your brand’s sugar high with your own innovative marketing strategy! Get to work.


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