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Infinite Scroll Optimization: you Enroll while they Scroll

In the past couple of years, there has been a boom in the number of eCommerce stores. Thus, opening multiple opportunities for the customers to choose from. Now, with tremendous rise in the number of eCommerce stores, it has become a challenging job for the sellers to keep their customers intact. In order to acquire the target audience and retain the old ones, the web store owners need to provide their customers with the features that they are looking for. The customers are always seeking for multiple options and better platform to shop. Thus, it has become a prime concern for the seller to optimize their website and let their customers have smooth shopping experience.

Prestashop Infinite Scroll module is one such optimization techniques for the Prestashop eCommerce stores that enables the customers to keep browsing for different products from the seller under single page. The infinite scroll module saves customer a lot of time and reduces the effort made to search a product as they don’t have to load the page again.

If you are a Prestashop site owner and want to provide your customers with better shopping experience, then, this infinite scroll module might be the tool you are looking for. Install the infinite scroll module in simple steps and improve the traffic on your website.

Below discussed are some ways to improve your conversions using Infinite Scroll module.



With the help of this infinite scroll module, the customers can now browse all the products of a particular category in single page. The infinite scroll module increases their efficiency. They can browse more products. Along with this feature of the infinite scroll module, the customers are given given option to go back to the top of the page at a button click. Therefore, it proves to be an efficient way of browsing a website in minimum time. The infinite scroll module saves a considerable time of the customers that would have been lost in switching with multiple pages.



The improved search option proves to be engaging for the customers. The potential buyers now need not skip from page to page in order to select their favorite product. The option of viewing all the products under a single page makes infinite scroll module more convincing and at the same time easy for the customers to keep looking. The infinite scroll module enhances the customers experience providing a better interface.



The infinite scroll module proves to be an important factor in making conversions. Most of the time, if the customer doesn’t find products fitting his concern in a single page than he might not be interested in jumping from page to page. This reduces the customer’s interest in purchasing the product. Hence, with the introduction of the infinite scroll module, it becomes quite easy for the customers to keep looking for the products without skipping to another page. The infinite scroll module surely helps in improving conversions.



The concept of infinite scroll module has proved to be an emerging concept. The infinite scroll module has given new definition to browsing of the products. The concept has started to catch the attention of most of the customer now seek for this feature in different website. In terms of eCommerce, it won’t be wrong to say, “Infinite scroll is the new cool”. Most of the web stores have started to provide this feature and if your store is lagging this, then there might be a chance that customer may lose interest in making a purchase from you.



The immediate rise in providing the customers with better feature and functionality is the necessity of every store owner. The infinite scroll module is one the features that have evidently proved to be a boon for the store owners. This not just ensures better conversion rates, but also promises to keep your customers stays intact with your web store for future purchases. Thus, Infinite Scroll module can serve the purpose and will provide the customers with a better experience from your web store.


The tough competition in the market has bend the seller to come up with better aid of marketing. In order to fulfill the customer’s demands and building a social media audience for your eCommerce store will surely help you boost your conversions.

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