Black Friday: 7 Ideas to Boost Your Online Business sales in 2022!!


The holiday season is somewhat that everyone awaits for the whole year. Not only the people celebrate holidays with proper pomp and shows but also take part in various fun activities. Instance, shopping, and outing are two of the most top things that stand somewhere on top of the holiday season activities. Not only do the customers await the best offers in this period but also, do not hesitate to buy from new vendors. The following factor makes the eCommerce holiday season more relative for the online seller community. Especially black Friday. Black Friday is one of the most proficient days in online shopping history.

Why Black Friday is so Important!!


Customers recognize Black Friday as the beginning of online shopping deals.

Respecting the customers’ expectations, online sellers do not miss a single chance to provide the best Black Friday Deals to customers. The other amazing fact about the Black Friday online shopping season is that just after two days, Cyber Monday takes place. Which is undoubtedly tailored specially for online shopping.

7 Incredible ideas for the Black Friday Shopping Season:


The worldwide online seller community tries various marketing strategies to attract more customers to their shop.

Whether it is special deals or promotional events, in the end, the final goal is to make the most out of Black Friday Sale.

Moreover, we have tried to cover the top 7 strategies for Black Friday Deals in the below article. So, let’s find out.

Keep Your VIP Customer Base Tracked:

As a well-known fact, the top 5 to 10% of VIP customers provide almost half of total sales in the Holiday season.

Not only you should prepare special deals for your near and dear customer base but also try to be specific with offers. Instance, they will be waiting for the best deals in the whole year to be released in this best Black Friday Deals Event.

Thus, it might be the right option to go with higher discounts on listings.

Early Advertising:

Early advertising is the other best strategy you can go with this Black Friday Shopping Season.

The reason behind the same is that you can try your hands on various strategies and keep the best one ready for your best Black Friday Deals. Various online sellers do the same by running Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and marketing deals.

So, if you are looking for where to start, early advertising might be the other pick for your business.

Test Your Website Thoroughly:

The most important factor in the eCommerce business industry is a properly functional website. Thus, you should always do some health checks before going for Black Friday Sales.

As soon as the customers visit the websites, they start judging the quality of the product based on the feel and performance provided by the platform.

The same reason makes website health checks more important before starting preparation for the holiday season.

Additional Customizations:

If you are planning to make some modifications or install some additional features in your store. Starting before the Black Friday Deals season is the right time.

For example, you can offer gifts with the products and allows the customers to send gift cards on your website. And can even go with various creative ideas.

At Knowband, we also offer custom plugins specially designed for the holiday season. Instance, Spin and win, Website Decoration Effect, Deal Timer, Gift Card Manager, and much more to explore in our products list.

Enhance Your Order Flow:

One of the main reasons for website abandonment is the poorly maintained checkout process.

An easy checkout process not only encourages the customers to complete the orders but also improves the chances of returning orders.

For the Black Friday Holiday season, the other preparation you can go with is to work on your online store’s checkout process. You can also integrate the payment options with your website to improve the checkout experience.

Likewise, Knowband offers one-page checkout extensions for the PrestaShop and OpenCart online platforms.

Cross-Sell and Upsell:

Cross-Sell and upselling are two of the most beneficial strategies in the online business industry. Upsell not only increases the margins for the admins but also keeps the customers engaged with the website.

On the other hand, you can use Knowband’s Related product modules for enhancing the chances of cross-selling on your eCommerce website.

Don’t Hesitate with Experiments:

This holiday season, if you are having some creative ideas in mind for your store, go with it. Customers await the never-like-before Black Friday deals on the occasion of the event.

So, don’t hesitate to try experiments this holiday season.

In the End,

With a professional touch of 12+ years of experience, we at Knowband can make your store ready for the holiday season.

Furthermore, we have also taken care of our business customer relationship by offerings discounts on listings. As a gift from our side, online eCommerce sellers can take joy from the following discounts offered on the entire inventory.

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