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Holiday seasons are what every merchant wishes for. Usually, online eCommerce business witnesses a huge increment in customer traffic during the holiday season. The philosophy behind the same is that the customers accept the best offerings in these and wait for the year’s biggest deals. As result, in the upcoming months for sure the online stores will be having a huge number of orders. So, if we talk about the right time to garnish your eCommerce store, it seems now is the perfect pick.

All that matters to leave enchanting impressions on the customers’ minds is a relevant shopping experience. The question is what are some of the basic features customers look for while visiting your online shop?

Before starting with the features, let’s start with how the holiday season is the most awaited and festive for the sellers as well as customers.

  1. As per the reports, online businesses records, more than 35% of total year sales only in the holiday season. Thus, it is always a must to keep your online shops well-prepared for the holiday season boom.
  2. It is most important for every business to keep engaging loyal customers. Following the same, you can also run loyalty or giveaway programs for your customers. For instance, Knowband also offers loyalty points extension for the online PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento 2 platforms.
  3. Along with all the strategies, you should always prepare a discount strategy specially tailored for the holiday season.
  4. According to an old saying, “First impression is the last impression”. You should always prepare your store front end in an enhanced and lucrative way.
  5. You should always load your store with the most needed plugins.

How to Prepare Your Store?

In this last quarter of the year, undoubtedly you are going to see more traffic than ever. You should keep your homework up to date for achieving customer engagement.

The other aspect is stock management, you should always keep your stock ready for the orders. On the other hand, online sellers can also use a vast variety of plugins that will add a significant boost to eCommerce businesses.

Here are the top 5 plugins offered by Knowband that are specially tailored for the festive season.

Top 5 Plugins Offered by Knowband:


Spin & Win Module:

If you are looking for a lucrative interface as soon as the customers visit your website, you might find Knowband Spin & Win Module pretty useful.

Knowband Spin & Win module shows a pop-up on the website home screen as soon as the visitors enter the URL. Moreover, in the appeared gamified pop-up screen the customers can also win exciting offers and discount coupons after entering their email addresses.

spin-win-module-By Knowband

Not only the store admins can set up the gravity for every coupon to appear but also, they can add desired theme options on the pop-up screen. Moreover, the Spin & Win Fortune wheel module is also compatible with the Android and iOS Knowband Mobile App Maker modules.

Now Available for:

OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento 2

Exit Pop-Up Module:

The other relevant plugin that you should never miss is Knowband Exit Pop-Up. As soon as customers visit online stores, it is a must to keep them engaged with sounding content.

Following the same, Knowband Exit Pop-Up presents a pop-up screen in front of the customers as soon as they try to leave the website. Moreover, you can customize the pop-up screen at your convenience with all the amazing modification options.

If you are looking for a plugin that can reduce web bounce rate and increase customer engagement, you might find the Knowband Exit pop-up the perfect fit for you.

Now Available for:


PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento 2.

Gift Card Module:

Festive and Holiday Season is what is well-known for gifts and presentations. It is good to add digital gift cards to your online store for the customers to purchase.

Likewise, Knowband has a specially tailored Gift Card Module for online retailers. Furthermore, using Gift Card, you can add digital gift card products to your eCommerce store.

gift-card-by Knowband

For instance, the visitors can purchase the same and later send it over as a gift card to their near and dears. Knowband Gift Card Module is a true blossom for this holiday season to offer something different to your customer fan base.

The OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento 2 store merchants can get their one-time payment gift card modules on Knowband’s official website.

Available For:

PrestaShop, OpenCart & Magento 2 platforms.

One-Page Checkout Plugin:

Reports indicate that the reason behind over 40% of total cart abandonments is a sticky checkout process. The customers usually lost interest by filling in order details on one after the other pages.

Now, overcoming the solution, Knowband has designed the simplest checkout process ever. Knowband One Page Checkout module allows the store admins to provide all the shipping details on a single and easy checkout page.

one Page Checkout by Knowband

Moreover, a wide majority claim that they have noticed a significant downfall in bounce rate after using the One-page checkout offered by Knowband.

It is always a good idea to prepare a simple and easy checkout process for your customers this holiday season.

One page checkout testimonal

Available For:

PrestaShop and OpenCart platforms.

Loyalty Points Module:

The first thought that pop-ups after hearing the term loyalty points is something related to discounts and offerings. Not only customer loyalty is a proven fact behind the success of businesses but also it engages more and more customers through referrals.

Moreover, Loyal customers are the source keys to increasing your revenues through repeated purchases. Adding more to the same, Knowband Loyalty points offers points to regular as well as new customers while completing purchases in your stores.

Later they can use the same as coupons or points to reduce their order total. The following strategy plays a huge role in turning your one-time customers into long-run partners. Loyalty points are one of the best options you can offer to your customer base.

Available For:

PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento 2 platforms.

What’s the catch?

At Knowband with an incredible 10+ year journey in eCommerce plugin development, we always ensure to offer the best to our merchant family.

Likewise, to make this holiday season special for every seller we have got additional discounts on our single-time payment extensions.

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