Prestashop Review: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Hosting Services


Choosing a platform is difficult when starting an online store. PrestaShop is a really good choice. You can read about the advantages of Prestashop eCommerce in this blog. This article will provide further information on the features, benefits, and disadvantages of PrestaShop eCommerce.

PrestaShop supports customization and is an open-license, highly configurable e-commerce choice. PrestaShop eCommerce has a tonne of benefits, and these are due to its distinctive characteristics. If you’re seeking affordable eCommerce options for small to medium-sized businesses, PrestaShop is the ideal choice. PrestaShop has long been widely used and well-liked because of its usability.

The Pros and Cons of the Prestashop Platform



Store Customization Is Simple

In this day and age, open-source is the way to go if you want your website to have a distinctive vibe. In the fiercely competitive world of eCommerce, developing an iconic brand is essential to your long-term success.

Two different modules are needed to customize your online store. The second module is an advanced module that allows you to change the code so that you can customize your online store. However, the first module is necessary for making rapid modifications. You will also require access to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for various reasons.

Additionally, Prestashop’s customization options include an internal search engine that will make it easier for your clients to traverse your store.

Installation Is Simple

Installing PrestaShop from the open-source software’s official website is simple. A completely functional and responsive internet store is quickly present after downloading the program.

PrestaShop’s file size is very small, so even if you’re a beginner or have a sluggish internet connection, you can rapidly set up this eCommerce platform.


When using PrestaShop, technical knowledge is not necessary. The reason behind this is that it has a straightforward and practical design. As per the PrestaShop review by experts, it is basic and easy to use. You should be able to manage and keep an online store up and running even if you only have basic IT skills.

It is Simple to Establish and Manage E-Commerce Stores

Prestashop makes it simple to complete the main work of establishing an online store. This is due to the software’s simplicity, which effectively eliminates the complexity of alternative website development scripting languages. Additionally, PrestaShop makes your e-commerce store’s maintenance tasks simpler.

There will be no need for you to seek any extra assistance from so-called professionals to guide you through PrestaShop’s workflow. PrestaShop is an open-source platform that you can use on your own to set up an online store, especially if you are familiar with its features.

Dependable Payment Methods

The dependable and practical payment methods offered by Prestashop are its main benefits. PayPal is among some of the payment methods they employ. There is no need to worry about fraudulent activity because these payment options are safe.

The SSL protocol system also handles secure transactions. Prestashop additionally allows one-page checkout, which encourages product purchasing.

Prestashop also comes up with a few out-of-the-box capabilities in addition to these crucial ones. These features consist of cost-free marketing techniques including automated email follow-ups, discounts, coupons, and vouchers. Inbuilt features for consumer convenience include “recently seen products,” “returns management,” and “order tracking.”

PrestaShop Drawbacks


Coding Experience Is Required

PrestaShop has the benefit of being open-source. The drawback to that is that you need to know a little bit of code to fully design and optimize your site. PrestaShop is not the right choice for organizations looking to build an easy and rapid e-commerce site.

A Limited Scalability

PrestaShop’s limited scalability is one of its main issues. Small and medium-sized businesses can use this e-commerce platform. PrestaShop is not the best option when the platform wants to grow.

An Average-Designed Product

PrestaShop offers a good layout for a store with limited resources. The approach is not appealing or appropriate for large-scale retailers. Although PrestaShop provides necessary features, its designs lack a polished appearance.

No Specific Prestashop Help Desk

Prestashop support and specialists’ staff are not available. This platform’s primary drawback as an e-commerce platform is this. The users, however, do not see this as a downside because there are a huge number of active members (on support pages) who are always available to help the users anytime a problem arises.

Alternatives to Prestashop Hosting

alternatives-to-prestaShop hosting

PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform that can assist you in swiftly building an online store. Therefore, you can take advantage of some of the improved capabilities in an economical way if you pair this platform with a trustworthy web hosting company. Some of the options are present below:


The most straightforward PrestaShop hosting option is Bluehost. It is a reputable web hosting provider. The excellent discounts that Bluehost has to offer for other CRMs also apply to PrestaShop. It is a one-click PrestaShop installer that enables you to quickly set up and manage your PrestaShop website. It also provides the industry-standard cPanel for a simple user interface.

You can quickly manage your website, domains, emails, and other things with its cPanel. Additionally, its outstanding scalability provides strong instruments for the expansion of your website and company. It has numerous server locations and provides your website with dependable uptime, excellent speeds, and flawless functionality.


Choose Hostinger if you want sales-optimized hosting with outstanding PrestaShop performance and consistent uptime. It features email accounts, limitless storage, and unmetered bandwidth. However, most clients have no restrictions on the number of websites, subdomains, FTP users, or parked domains. Nevertheless, going further with the routine With Hostinger, managing an eCommerce business is remarkably easy. It is possible with its top-notch cart performance and conversion rates thanks to its top-notch hosting services.

You may acquire PrestaShop-optimized servers from Hostinger that guarantee top-notch performance by improving their servers with setup.

In the End!!

After the Prestashop eCommerce review, we recommend that users who are comfortable with coding should use this platform. Users cannot rely on Prestashop support to fully utilize this platform. Users who have coding knowledge can use the features of this platform to the fullest.

If you have any concerns related to this platform and its modules, then you can reach out to us at We also help our clients with their original ideas so they can be realized in accordance with their needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we assist them with their needs. Kindly let us know if you have any ideas for your business with which you need our hand.

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