Top 8 Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Try in 2022!!


2022 is nearly going to end and undoubtedly the most awaited time of the entire year is the holiday season. The season of gifts, joy, and blossom is finally going to begin from Black Friday.

Even in the eCommerce industry, the holiday season is not only the favorite of customers but also merchants like it a lot. The reason behind the same is that Black Friday season is a season of online and offline shopping. Thus, reports claim that the online business industry shows record sales in the Black Friday sale season.

So, if you are an online seller, it becomes a must to keep your online store polished before the beginning of the Black Friday Shopping Season. Likewise, if you are looking for mass sales, marketing is going to play an incredible role in getting customers.

Keeping your Black Friday deal season strategies up to date becomes most important for any only business. Because there might be other competitors who will be going with same ideas as you have planned.

In this article, we have sorted out the best 8 Black Friday deal Marketing Ideas for your business. Let’s find out what are those.


Keep Your Mail List Up-to-Date:

Mail marketing is one of the most effective promotional strategies. Not only trusted and accepted by a wide variety of huge brand names but also mail marketing is the favorite of many online sellers.

Thus, it becomes a must to have a well-maintained email list before Black Friday Deal Season. Moreover, you can go with various methods while going with a mailing list.

Instance, you can design a customer list based on their recent activities. For example, you can share different Black Friday deals with your top customers than others.

Get Your Customer Support System Ready:

Customer satisfaction is a major factor that works behind turning one-time customers into regular ones. During the Black Friday Deal season, all the customers look for is the best deals.

The same reason is going to increase the website traffic for sure. As the traffic will increase along with the same customers’ queries will also going to get hike.

Thus, having a disciplined customer support system ready to go before the holiday season can be a good idea before Black Friday Deal Season.

Make the Most out of Social Platforms:

Social media marketing trend is not only the latest promotional method but also cost-effective.

Before this Black Friday sale season to put your website on customers’ shopping lists, you can take aid from social media marketing.

Instance, you can use various business affiliates to keep things pocket-friendly.

Early Paid Promotion:


Although paid promotion is a bit expensive yet it drives a lot of traffic to the websites.

The second Black Friday marketing idea we are going to discuss here is starting early paid promotions. Not only it will increase the chance of future orders but also will boost the brand recognization of your eCommerce business.

So, if you are good to go with some extra expenses, early paid promotion is one of the best options for Black Friday Marketing ideas.

Add a Gift Card Option on the Website:

Black Friday Season is specially made for gifting, outing, and joys. Various people send and receive lucrative gifts from their near and dears.

If you are looking for a less costly effective Black Friday Marketing idea, adding a gift card option is the one.

Knowband Gift Card extensions will allow your customers to send digital and physical gift cards to their dears.

Not only Gift Card but also Gift the Product module are amongst some of the most favorite plugins of the merchant community for the holiday season.

Being Creative with Social Media Promotions:

People spend most of their time hovering over their favorite content on social media. Along with having the most time spending rate, the traffic rate on social media platforms is remarkable.

This Black Friday Best Deal season, you can go creative to attract more customers.

For example, you can run a referral and earn program, or target-based program, and can try more awaiting options for you.

Loyalty Program:


Black Friday Sales season does not only have Black Friday on the list. Starting from Cyber Monday and lasting to the new year, your business is going to capture the highest customer traffic in the period of the year. Thus, keeping the customers engaged is as important as getting new customers.

To make that happen you can offer a Loyalty Points program to your precious customer base.

Likewise, you can also try Knowband Loyalty Points Extensions available for Magento 2, PrestaShop, and OpenCart platforms.

Improve the Website’s Look and Feel:

After the customers visit your website, keeping them engaged is the second and most important factor. During the holiday season, it is a must to enhance your eCommerce website’s look and feel.

Not only does a regular website look to leave no impression on customers but also becomes the reason for website abandonment.

If you are looking for where to start, at Knowband we have got a wide variety of options for you.

For example, you can check out our following offerings specially tailored for the holiday season.

  1. Website Decoration Effect.
  2. Spin & Win (Entry-Exit Pop-Up Plugin).
  3. Abandoned Card Reminder Extension.
  4. Loyalty Points Addon.
  5. Knowband Deal Timer Plugin.

In the End,

At Knowband, we have 10+ years of experience in the eCommerce development community. Not only being a Hero Level PrestaShop Sellers but we also have a wide variety of plugins for other platforms. Instance, you can explore our offerings for OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce.

Moreover, in case you want to communicate with the tech team, please find us at

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