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How can Infinite Scroll enhance the UI and UX of your eCommerce Site?

With the availability of multiple stores, the customers have a choice of purchasing products based on the experience. So, in order to provide customers with a smooth and pleasant experience, enhance the user interface of the website is a must. Bridging the gap between the user experiences is user interface is especially important when it comes to an eCommerce store. The online merchants use different tools and features in their web store which can help them to make the web store more interactive and at the same time provide the customers with better and enhanced features.

One of such feature is Infinite Scroll. It is one of the recently arrived infinite scroll module, which is grabbing its grip strong in the web stores. The infinite scroll module is time saving and at the same time also encourages the customers to make a better and time saving search on the products available in the web store.

Prestashop Infinite scroll module provides the Prestashop store owners with an option to update their old slow pagination. The infinite scroll module enables the user to browse all the products of the web store on a single page, with infinite scrolling. The infinite scroll module saves a lot of time and effort of the customer.

Are you still sitting on the fence of whether to implement this infinite scroll feature on your store or not? Here are some of the compelling reasons that would help you make up your mind.

Time saver:

Time saver

Increasing competition, choice availability and multiple varieties have enabled the customers to make product choices based on experience. The infinite scroll module proves to be an effective way of interacting with the customers. The infinite scroll module makes product search both interesting and time saving. The customers need not to re direct them from one page to other in order to search for the required product, thus infinite scroll module saves the customers a considerable amount of time while making a search on the products.

Easy browsing:


One of the main advantages of the infinite scrolling is that the customer can be redirected to the top of the page anytime. If the customer wishes to stop browsing more products and wants to reach the top of the page, can be done with one click. The infinite scroll supports the concept of smart shopping. The browsing of the products is made quite easy, where the customers has to search an entire series of page I different licks, the option of infinite scrolls has made it possible to give a good look at the products in a single go. Thus, making it easy for the customers to browse for their favorite products. The infinite scroll module is one of the ways of boosting customer engagement and encouraging sales.

Customer Engagement:

Customer Engagement

The customer interaction must be smooth as well as engaging. The Infinite scroll module is designed in such a way that the seller can optimize the design of the module to best fit with the web store. The infinite scroll module helps the customer to feel more connected to the product. Hence, the infinite scroll module provides better chances of conversion.

Multiple Product Views:

Multiple Product Views

The infinite scroll module is one of the best options to make the customer’s shopping experience better. The reduced time consumption and multiple products display, makes it easier for the customer to make choices. The infinite scroll module can display product in a grid form as well as list form, depending upon the seller’s choice. A better way of making effective conversion is through a better display of the products.

Easy Customization:


The Prestashop infinite scroll module is easy to install, understand and run. The fully customizable design of the infinite scroll module helps the seller to adjust it according to theme layout. The infinite scroll module helps the customers in relating them to the products, which helps in better and immediate conversions. Eventually, the infinite scroll module is all about making profit for the sellers as well as providing a better experience for the customers.

Sand Boxing:

Sand Boxing

Apart from the easy and fast navigation to the product listings, the infinite scroll module also supports the feature of Sand Boxing. It means that the infinite scroll module can be tested with the web store before the actual installation. The infinite scroll module helps in making sure that module works with the web store as expected. The theme layout of the infinite scroll module can be modified accordingly.

SSL compatible:

SSL compatible

If we go a little deep, the infinite scroll module is SSL compatible, keeping the customer’s data safe during the process. The infinite scroll module works with all the Prestashop themes, hence providing different options to make it look more engaging. The infinite scroll module is multi-store compatible, hence a large variety of products from different stores can be browsed at the same time.

With the changing trend and customer behavior, rebuilding your website is a good idea. The infinite scroll module offered by Knowband works in every way to increase customer’s engagement and interaction with the products in the web store. The infinite scroll module ultimately increases the web traffic and helps in generating higher revenues.

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