Maroth Jewels- a WooCommerce Android and iOS App created by KnowBand │ Success Story


Maroth Jewels is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and exporter in Jaipur, India. With the increased mobile users, every business is making their website mobile responsive. Nothing is better than a Robust Application. Maroth Jewels have created their mobile app for Android and iOS using the WooCommerce Mobile App builder plugin developed by KnowBand. A great […]

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10 Majestic Examples of WooCommerce Android and iOS Mobile App by KnowBand

10-majestic-examples-of-android-ios-woocommerce-mobile-app-designs-android and ios

Many eCommerce companies have built their website on the WooCommerce platform supported by WordPress. This platform is secure and the choice of every online store startup due to its scalability and easy handling. KnowBand has created WooCommerce Mobile App Builder software that converts WooCommerce website to mobile app for Android and iOS operating systems. You […]

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Why does your eCommerce business need its own mobile app?

Mobile App

The mCommerce is expected to become as big as the eCommerce. Hence, having an eCommerce mobile app for the shopping site is not a luxury anymore, but an inevitable aspect. While most of the companies have already started upgrading their sites into a complete eCommerce mobile app, a wide gap still exists. In a world where there a lot of competition at every step, having a website isn’t going to get you the desired revenue. You might have optimized your website to make it mobile responsive, but have you ever thought of having an eCommerce mobile app? Are you still on the fence for trying your hands in mCommerce? Here are some stats that can convince you to have your own eCommerce mobile app. As per a report, the mobile Commerce purchases are going to surpass the 54% of total eCommerce sales by 2021. Approximately 60% of the online purchase is done using mobile devices. According to Google, 80% of the customers start their purchase on one device and end on the other. In case you are intimidated by the complexities involved in eCommerce mobile creation, then, you need not […]

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