Why you should invest in mobile app?

Mobile App

In a world where there a lot of competition at every step, having a website isn’t going to get your revenues. You have to go ahead and do something that the market is looking for and also something by which customers can reach out to you. You might have optimized your website to be compatible with the smartphones but have you ever thought of having your business as an eCommerce mobile app? With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, your business will certainly new height ONLY if you keep certain things in mind. Whether you are a seller of a product or a service provider, you should be investing in a mobile app creator to build brand awareness and credibility among the customers.

Mobile apps are used for everything these days. Whether for internet surfing, making online payments, shopping, mobile recharges or anything else, a mobile app comes in very handy. Coming to the points where you get a clearer picture of why you should be investing in a mobile app, find them below.

The world has gone mobile

Mobile App

Can you deny the fact that the world has gone mobile? You won’t deny that the majority of shopping and browsing is generally done on smartphones. With the newer technologies available in smartphones, people have stopped spending a lot of time on laptops and desktops. If you take a look at the stats, you’d know the number of apps on Google Play, Apple App Store, and others has increased remarkably. This makes sense because people are going mobile and in order for companies to reach out to their potential customers, a mobile app is absolutely necessary. A smartphone makes a user’s life easy because one can access their favorite store at any point in time and from any place without thinking a lot. Everyone wants an easy approach to access your website through one click and mobile app is the optimum solution.

Excellent direct marketing channel

Direct Marketing

Investing in a mobile app maker will definitely cost you a lot in the beginning, but as a long-term investment, the benefits that you’ll have are countless. If you think of it as a one-time investment that goes in for directly marketing your business, you wouldn’t mind spending on a mobile app development once. If you already have a business that generates good revenue for you, this would be a building block that’ll add to your reach. With your buyers being able to connect with you through that app and shopping whenever they want without contemplating whether the product is available or not. Later on, they’ll spread the word around and it would add to the traffic and you never know when your conversion rate gets better with this.

Mobile payments are the new high

Mobile Payments

Do you carry a lot of cash with you so that you might just come across something that you like and buy it that very moment? In a world where security and safety are everything, mobile payments have made the lives of the commoners very easy. Now, with banks introducing newer technologies in order to provide safe transactions where users don’t have to share their personal information with anyone including their card details and they can make payments from anywhere.

A mobile app integrated with the common payment options would provide a sense of security to your customers. While the shoppers would feel safe with their details, the banks earn a handsome amount called as the transaction fees from the same.

Better connectivity with your customers

Your motive for your business apart from converting them is to keep them actively engaged with your site. When you design a mobile app that is responsive to added features like Lucky Wheel Plugin or Free Giveaways, you will be able to stay connected with your customers. Moreover, the conversion rate would increase in due time. From a customer’s perspective, all they want from an app is it provides a seamless experience with potential options that they’re looking for and payment methods that suit them.

If you look closely, you can stay connected with your customers through Push Notifications about the fabulous deals currently being offered to the shoppers. In fact, personalized offers and discount coupons are a part of mobile apps that make your customers return to you time and again. For example, Uber, Amazon, and other marketplaces send in notifications with the discount coupons for a limited period to convert their customers.

Maximum revenues and conversions



The first step of conversion is the moment the visitor downloads your mobile app and registers or logins with his credentials. If you are to believe Business of Apps, the global mobile app revenue in the year 2016 was $88 billion and the figures are sure to increase with time. Thanks to the offers and discounts offered by the stores.

Eventually, when the relationship between the user and the mobile app in terms of delivering what’s expected gets strong, you’ve earned yourself a returning customer.



It has become a common norm to have a mobile app when you look out to have a farther reach and better customer relationship. Stay ahead by going mobile with the help of a mobile app.

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