Get your customers subscribed to your newsletter without even directing them to annoying contact forms

Asking your customers about subscribing for your newsletter is a routine process for numerous e- commerce organizations around the world. But, this also causes frustration among customers who do not want to register for newsletter subscription and are bored of the lengthy contact forms that ask for irrelevant personal details. Due to this, numerous customers on various e- commerce sites often ignore these newsletter subscription requests. This causes serious challenges for e- commerce sites who are unable to target their customers more effectively through various promotional emails and also reduces their chances of making increased Return on Investment (ROI). It is certainly the grave situation for any business organization but with this Magento Auto Subscribe extension it is going to change soon. Let us now discuss the various features of this Magento auto subscribe extension that is increasing its demand in the whole e- commerce world.

Allows site admin to control the various aspects of the popup feature

With the help of this Magento auto subscribe extension, it is now easier for site admin to make desired changes in the text, color or description of the popup. Now, the site admin can easily decide the way your subscription popup should appear to your targeted customers. An attractive email subscription popup can boost your chances of having increased subscriptions from your customers.

Supports multiple computing devices

The Magento auto subscribe extension has been designed with an aim of targeting a large base of customers that are using various devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. All this has been possible due to the use of mobile responsive design in the creation of this Magento auto subscribe extension. This has helped in providing the same level of functionality and user experience to customers irrespective of the device that is being used by him/her.

Integrates MailChimp into your Module for targeting your customers effectively

For facilitating easy subscription through customers, this Magento auto subscribe extension shares the subscription information on your Magento site to the mailing list of the MailChimp and vice versa. The contact details of the customers are effectively synchronized with the MailChimp during the standard registration process, checkout process or at the time of performing any actions on the admin panel by site admin.

Can work effectively with any website theme

There is no conflict with any website theme which makes this Magento auto subscribe extension one of the best Magento extensions for e- commerce stores. Due to this, you can choose any desired theme for your e- commerce site depending upon your business requirements and don’t have to worry about the synchronization of your extension with your website theme.

Facility to show subscriber form in multiple ways

With the emergence of this Magento auto subscribe extension, it is now easy to show your subscriber form in more than one way. You can now choose your subscriber form to appear in the form of popup option or can choose a simple contact form for subscription purposes.

So, it is high time to try this Magento auto subscribe extension for improving your customer engagement and return on investment (ROI) on your e- commerce organization. You just need to open our e- commerce site and can make this amazing Magento auto subscribe extension a part of your e- commerce site.

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