A Pain Reliever for E-Commerce Customers Looking for Order Details

E- commerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds and the stupendous success of numerous e- commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Ali baba, Flipkart and such others have shown that it is not some under estimated business segment. The ever changing technological revolution, busy lifestyles and the comfort of home shopping have suddenly made online shopping a huge craze among people. It not only provides relief from door to door product searching but also provides them facility like easy home delivery without any risk of product damage. However, there are certain challenges like getting order information, order dispatch tracking and other such reasons that are affecting the growth of e- commerce organizations. But, the scenario seems to be changed now due to the emergence of the Prestashop Order Lookup addon. It has several brilliant features that makes it a hot selling cake among various e- commerce business organizations which are discussed as follows:

Feature loaded easy to use admin panel-

It is now easier for the store admin to have information about the people who have viewed their order information. Due to this, store owners can keep a track record of their customer product order and can easily ensure the effective delivery of the products to their customers.

Easy access to order information without customer login-

With this Prestashop Order Lookup module, customers can easily get access to their order related information without any need to login into their customer account. They just need to put their email address and order ID to get complete information about their order thereby saving a lot of time and efforts.

Compatibility with different platforms-

Due to the responsive nature of the addon, it is adjustable to any screen size be it desktop, laptop, mobiles, or tablets. Thus, there is no additional requirement for any other extension or upgrade to use this module on any type of platform. This unique feature allows it to cater large number of customers coming from different hardware platforms.

Support to multiple languages-

It is the multiple language support that provides a global appeal to this e- commerce module. Now, store owners can target their customers in a better way by the use of their native language and can provide an extraordinary experience to their customers by providing order information in their regional language. Thus, it is really a blessing in disguise for numerous business organizations.

So, now gone are those days when seeking order details by customers seems to be a challenging task. With the rich features of this addon, customers can easily track their orders and can get a more reliable assurance regarding the effective delivery of their ordered product. It is certainly a win- win situation for both the store owners as well as the customers.

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