List of Other modules Compatible with PrestaShop One Page Checkout module


A smooth and fast checkout page is one of the most important aspects of an increased conversion rate. The checkout page is also important because it is the step where the customer decides whether he will complete the order or not. There are two types of checkout pages i.e., Multi-step checkout and One-page checkout.

Nowadays, the One Page Checkout is known as better checkout in comparison to multi-step checkout. There are various reasons for that. The One Page Checkout simplifies the checkout process and saves the time of the customers and reduces the chances of cart abandonment because of its easy and fast layout.

Knowband offers the PrestaShop Single Page Checkout module which replaces your website’s default checkout with a fast and responsive Single Page Checkout and enhances the checkout experience of your customers. This module plays a great role in reducing the cart abandonment rate on the checkout page by allowing the customers to quickly fill in all the required details and complete their orders.

The Prestashop simplified checkout addon offers various advanced features like social login, auto-detect country, auto-address fill that make it easy for the users to fill in their details.

Prestashop One Page Checkout addon is one of the best-selling addons and it has more than 10000+ downloads on the PrestaShop Addon store and more than 5000+ downloads on the Knowband store.


How to replace your store’s default checkout with PrestaShop Fast Checkout addon:

Follow the following steps to integrate this addon into your online store:

  1. First of all, you need to purchase the PrestaShop One Page Checkout module from Knowband.
  2. After buying and downloading the addon, unzip it in the modules directory of your PrestaShop store.
  3. After the PrestaShop One Page Checkout plugin will be available and ready to be installed in the module list.
  4. Click on the install button to install it on your PrestaShop store. After installing it successfully, the addon will be ready to configure.

Other Compatible Modules with PrestaShop One Page Checkout:

1. Store Locator and Pickup module:

PrestaShop Store Locator

Being a store owner, it is really important to let your customers know about the actual geolocation of your physical stores. Knowband offers a Store locator and Pickup module which allows your customers to find and locate your stores near their locations.

They can also place Takeaway orders to pick up the product from the store using the Store locator and Pickup addon. The addon is mobile responsive and offers smooth functioning. This addition to your store will improve the checkout experience.

Get to know more from here.

2. Abandoned Cart module:

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart

According to research, nearly 70% of the customers leave the cart abandoned on an eCommerce store. Checkout page abandonment is very common.

With the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module, you can identify the abandoned carts on your online store and can recover them by sending tailored follow-up emails. You can also highlight your exclusive discounts in the reminder emails.  It encourages buyers to come back to your store and complete their orders.

Know more about this addon from here.

3. Product Availability Check by Zipcode module:

PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zipcode

There are times when customers get frustrated! For instance, they initiate purchasing an item, and later at the time of checkout, they find that the product is not available in their locations. It is frustrating. Right? This leads to a low customer retention rate for your online business.

With the Product Availability Check by Zipcode module, it is easy to allow your customers to check if the product is available in a particular location. This can be done by entering the zip code. You can also add a search box on the product page to let your customers check the product’s availability before adding it to the cart.

If you want to implement this in your store then click here.

4. Mobile Login module:

PrestaShop Mobile Login

Being an eCommerce store owner, it occurs registrations with fake email addresses on your website. With the PrestaShop Mobile Login module, you can allow your store visitors to register using mobile numbers with SMS OPT verification.

With this add-on, you can also implement a secure registration and login process on your PrestaShop store. In addition, you can allow the user to register without an email address. Know more from here.

5. Google reCaptcha module:

PrestaShop Google reCaptcha

Spam registrations and spambots can be harmful to your website as they can steal the website’s data or can delete it.

With Knowband’s Google reCaptcha module, you can prevent your website from spamming. By implementing Google reCaptcha on various pages of your website including the Registration page, Login page, Contact page, and Forgot Password page, and the checkout page. With the PrestaShop Google reCaptcha module, you can prevent the spambots and drive quality traffic to your website. This module is compatible with PrestaShop One Page Checkout.

Know more about the module from here.

6. Social Loginizer- compatible checkout module

PrestaShop Social Login

Social Login is gaining popularity nowadays as it saves users from creating new accounts and remembering new login credentials. With the PrestaShop Social Login module, you can allow your website’s visitors to log in through the most popular social media networks including Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Offering login with social media accounts not only eases the login process but also reduces the chances of failed logins in your store. It also helps to reduce the abandoned carts on the checkout page as the customer doesn’t require to create a new account. Know more about this module from here.

7. Cash on Delivery with Fee module:

PrestaShop Cash on Delivery with Fee module

Nearly 18-20 % of the abandoned carts are caused because the users don’t trust the security in online payment on a new eCommerce website. With Cash on Delivery with Fee module, you can allow your customers to place the orders with cash on delivery option with an additional fee. You can provide these options to those customers who don’t want to go through the online process. Know more about this module from here.

Conclusion: So, these are the compatible modules with the PrestaShop One Page Checkout module which offers to add various advanced features to your online store. For any eCommerce assistance or custom module development, you can always trust Knowband as we are delivering the best customer support for 12 years. Write us at and our team will be happy to help.

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