PrestaShop Gift Card Manager to Sell Gift Vouchers

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager

“Set up a gift card section on your PrestaShop website effortlessly to provide the online gift cards facility to your store visitors with PrestaShop Gift Card module.”

The demand for gift cards has increased over the years and it has become a go-to option for people whenever they want to gift something to their close ones. It is difficult to come up with a gift idea that everyone likes. People are too busy to explore and buy something and if the recipient doesn’t like that gift, the efforts and time will go in vain.

Thus, gift certificates have become the most effortless and easy gifting option. You can now easily add Gift Vouchers as a product on your Prestashop store using Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Voucher Module.

On occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and on the holiday season when we have Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, etc, Gift Cards are sold in huge numbers.

The holiday season is approaching and it is the best opportunity for you to start selling personalized gift cards in your store. With our Gift Card module, it becomes easy to put up different types of gift cards on your website.

Create Gift Cards to sell on PrestaShop Store


How do PrestaShop Digital Gift Card works?

  1. Place gift card Product link on multiple places
  2. Pre-existing customizable gift card templates for the Birthday Gift Voucher, multiple festivals, etc.
  3. Allow Print or email customized Photo Gift Cards
  4. Set up multi-priced gift certificates
  5. Set gift cards validity
  6. Allow gift cards purchase in multiple currencies
  7. Allow partial usage of gift cards
  8. Customize Gift card emails to send a gift certificate
  9. Track your gift card orders
  10. Multi-lingual, multi-store, and GDPR compatible

Benefits of Selling Gift Cards on your PrestaShop Store

A gift card is not just an easy-to-buy alternative gifting option but it gives you more than that.

  1. Boost your sales and revenue

This module is responsible for increasing sales and revenue as many indecisive shoppers get a chance to buy a product that does not require much effort. Customers can add the Gift Card product to the cart, customize and buy.

  1. Grow Brand Awareness

Moreover, it adds value to your brand identity. Word of mouth plays a crucial role to increase brand awareness. Every gift card contains a prefix and the Gift Card templates can have the logo and brand name on them.

  1. Acquire New Customers

By selling Gift Card on the PrestaShop store, you attract several customers who were not really your direct visitors. The Gift Card buyer will give the card to a friend or a family member and eventually, they will shop from your store to claim that.

  1. Advance sales

The gift cards also generate advance revenue as the customer buys them in advance for a specific amount and later the recipient will buy products from the store by using the digital card.

Features of PrestaShop Gift Card Addon [Detailed]-

  1. Create Gift Card

  • Default Gift Card Templates:

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager offers gift vouchers for multiple occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. These gift card templates can be easily customized. Besides, you can add new gift cards if you want.

  • Customized Photo Gift Cards

The customer can add a picture to their gift card and give it a personal touch. This unique way of printing digital gift cards with custom images attracts more new shoppers to your store as personalization is a major branding factor these days.

  1. Advanced Admin Control

  • Add Gift Card Link to Multiple Places


PrestaShop KnowBand Gift card plugin lets you display the gift card link in multiple places to highlight your gift card section in front of your store visitors. It can be placed on the header, footer, my account section, and on the center-left of the screen.

PrestaShop Gift Card

  • Gift Card Delivery Settings

Set a date to deliver. You can define a minimum delivery gap for the PrestaShop gift certificate to reach the recipient or a date to send an email including the gift card details

  • Type of delivery

For a particular gift type, you can choose whether it should be allowed for physical delivery and virtual delivery. If a card is virtual then there is no point in charging a shipping fee. Hence, the seller can decide the shipping charges for the type of delivery.

  1. Flexible Pricing Scheme

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager Addon lets you set up multi-range gift cards on your website so that customers can choose a gift card as per their budget.

For a gift card of a specific value, you can define its quantity, make it available for multiple currencies, set the gift card validity, and allow free shipping and partial usage.


  1. Unique Branding Techniques

Set up a prefix for your Gift cards that does your Brand promotion. To create a unique card template, it provides options like adding a name, category, keyword, etc. You can make your own templates by using an image with the logo and brand name.

  1. How to Generate Gift Card Code?

With this PrestaShop premium gift card, you can specify the order status. It can be the payment status like awaiting payment, awaiting COD, Canceled, delivered, etc.  For the gift card voucher code generation, the seller will have to define ar specific order status.

PrestaShop Gift Card manager

  1. Notify with Email Alerts and PDF

PrestaShop Gift voucher module lets you customize the emails that would be delivered to the sender and the receiver. Customers can download the Gift card in PDF format.

  1. Categorize the Gift Cards

You can define categories for gift cards and put the relevant ones under them. For example, gift cards related to Christmas, New Year, and Cyber Monday can be put under the “Holiday Gift Cards” category and say if you have multiple gift cards for Birthdays, all of them can be displayed under the “Birthday Gift Cards” category. This makes it easy and quick for a customer to choose the desired gift card.

PrestaShop Gift Voucher module

  1. Track your gift card orders easily

Tracking the orders and keeping their record is a great business practice. The section comprising of gift certificate orders displays the order reference, recipient’s email address, sending date, and the gift card status.

  1. PrestaShop Gift Card Module Compatibility

PrestaShop Gift Card Module is multi-store compatible, has multi-lingual support, and also provides GDPR compatibility. It is also compatible with every PrestaShop version from 1.6 to 1.7.

Finally, The holiday season is approaching and it is the best opportunity for you to start selling personalized gift cards in your store. With our Gift Card module, it becomes easy to put up different types of gift cards on your website.

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