Mobile App Marketing: How to Promote your Mobile App?

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Imagine if WhatsApp could only be used on a browser! Every time you have to browse it, you open Google, type the URL and then access it.

This would have created immense frustration among users. Thankfully, it is not the case. It was launched as an app and all it requires is just a single tap to open the application.

Today, the count of smartphone users having access to the Internet is huge and in this rapidly evolving eCommerce world, the demand for mobile apps has increased significantly.

Consumers look for convenience. For every small need, they demand a mobile app and this is the reason why mobile apps have gained huge popularity.

In this write-up, I have talked about mobile app marketing and put forward my views on some effective ways to promote your mobile app. Before we begin, let’s check a few stats around the mobile app.

Mobile App Statistics

As per the stats collected by Statista

– The number of mobile app downloads, worldwide, in the year 2019 crossed the 200 billion mark and the revenue generated through mobile apps was found to be 462 billion USD.

– As of the last quarter of 2019, the number of apps available on the Google Play Store and the iOS store was 257 million and 1.8 million respectively.

According to the reports shared by App Annie, the mobile app downloads are expected to hit the 258 billion mark by 2022.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

If you have set up a mobile app for your business, here is how you can promote your mobile app and boost your downloads.

1. Create Awareness

Just like when the shooting of a movie starts and the news related to it circulates to the fans, you should follow a similar approach to promote your mobile app.

When your app is in the development stage and is ready to be rolled out soon, create awareness about it in advance. Let your target audience know what they can expect from your mobile app. Give a sneak peek of its UI and features. Put simply, you need to arouse curiosity in your target audience.

2. Highlight on Website

If you drive a handsome amount of traffic on your website on a daily basis, this could be a huge plus point in your mobile app marketing strategy.

Highlight the mobile app download link on your website, and it should definitely be on the Home page. You can display it through a header strip or a footer strip. Just make sure that it is easily noticeable but at the same time, not hampering the user experience.

Besides, you can make use of popups as well for its promotion. Design a clean and appealing popup with a compelling call-to-action.

3. Promote through your Blog

Having a blog keeps your visitors updated about any news, information, or launch related to your brand. And for your mobile app marketing strategy, a blog is a useful asset.

Let the readers know that you have launched or about to launch a mobile app to make their experience even better and smoother. Inform them about the journey of your mobile app development, tell them how convenient it would be for the users.

4. Reach out to your Email Subscribers

One of the best strategies for mobile app marketing would be to promote it in front of your email subscribers. Informing them about the launch of your mobile app can boost its downloads. Communicate with them at regular intervals to make them familiar about your mobile app.

You can also ask your email subscribers to drop feedback about your mobile app. No one can provide you with better feedback than your loyal subscribers. Ask them about its performance, their experience with the app, or if there is something that they feel should have been added or needs to be improved.l

5. Mobile App Marketing using Video

Videos are powerful in capturing user attention. And this is why you should create a video for your mobile app as well. Keep it short and crisp and up to the point.

Do not stretch the video to a point where it becomes boring. You only have a few seconds time to impress the users, try to make the best use of it.

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6. Promote on Social Media

Can there be a better platform these days for promotion than social media? Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social media platforms and have a huge audience base with people of all age categories. If you have a business page set up on those networks, you can leverage them to promote your mobile app.

Your target audience is probably waiting for you on social media to hear the news of your mobile app launch. Let them know it has arrived.

7. Start Advertising

I wonder if this point would be valid for all businesses as advertising can be a bit expensive and not every business can afford this mobile app marketing strategy.

You can advertise your app on YouTube or if you have a high budget, you can also approach a channel broadcasting unit to display ads on their channel. For budget-friendly marketing, you can take the help of social media ads.

8. Reach out to Influencers/YouTubers

You would have often seen YouTubers indirectly promoting an app in between their videos. Many brands are following this approach to promote their app. They contact a YouTuber who has a good number of subscribers and whose videos get huge hits on the platform. When people watch that video, they get to know about the app.

You too should give it a try. Get in touch with an Influencer or a YouTuber and ask them to promote your app.

9. Submit on App Review Websites

You will find a number of websites on the Internet where you can submit your app and ask the team behind the website to review it. People often visit app review websites to read about the most useful, latest and trending apps.

Once approved and listed on the website, you can expect a handful of downloads from there.

10. Reward

No matter how amazing your mobile app is, making users download it is a challenging task in the initial phase.

You need to entice people to download your app, not through any click-bait but by offering them something for doing that favour. For example, if your business is into food delivery, you can offer them free delivery or 50% discount on the first three orders, exclusively from the app, or like first three rides for free if it is into on-demand booking apps like Ola and Uber.

Plan rewards as per your business.

Final Word

Make sure that your mobile app is perfectly optimized and provides a rich user experience. Keep the app size as minimum as possible. Many users avoid downloading an app just by seeing the app size.

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Follow the above-mentioned tips related to mobile app marketing and it will surely bring fruitful results. Feel free to express your views by leaving a comment below.


Manish Barthwal

Manish Barthwal

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  1. Well written article. These are the basic steps that one can take to get more users on-board and it is really difficult to break the clutter in this neck-down generation. I think building trust is a necessity for any business. You need to make your audience trust you. When the audience sees that people are already using your app, it build their trust, which helps in user intent and they use the app or avail the service you are providing. Also, make sure you give them contact details beforehand so that they can easily connect with you/support at any time of need. This builds an everlasting trust in your users.

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