Must-Have PrestaShop Website Customization To Boost Sales


Creating a PrestaShop website with your choice of theme is just the beginning of your business idea. To make it available for the front-end online shoppers & stand out from fellow competitors, you must add some additional modifications. These enhancements/additions are to make your e-store uniquely tailored to serve your customers in a better way.

No matter what modifications we make & what marketing strategy we follow, it is always worthy to have certain PrestaShop store customizations that can boost your sales & optimize your conversion rates. In this write-up, we will be seeing many such ways for the growth of the online eCommerce business.

#1. Home-Page Customization:

Use in-built features offered by PrestaShop eCommerce platforms to add relevant banners & attract more customers by showcasing new offers, discounts. Utilize action & display hooks to showcase products along with engaging graphics to lure your customers. Home-page is the face of a website so customize it according to the customer-centric approach. Also, keep your footer content relevant & useful for customers because the same is visible on multiple pages.

#2. Seamless Navigation:

Keep the user navigation efforts to be minimum & efficient. Set navigation bar as a sticky menu on both desktop & mobile website. Out of all categories on websites, make sure that the user doesn’t need to make more than 4 to 5 clicks to reach their choice of sub-categories or products.

#3. Language Support For Cross Border Business:

If you target internationally, make sure to serve your customers in their preferred languages. You can set it based on the location of your visitor or can manually let your customers set their choice of language while initial onboarding.

#4. Allow Personalized Recommendations:

You can instantly improve customer satisfaction, user experience & hence boost your sales by simply introducing personalization. These personalizations can also be made holistic by implementing them in ‘on-site’ browsing, personalized triggered emails, web/ push notifications, loyalty programs, advertisements. Some examples of triggered emails are welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, wishlist products’ price-drop emails, reactivation emails sent after inactivity, etc.

#5. Add A Chatbot:

More & more netizens are starting to prefer communicating to a company via chatbots. These chatbots could be a static one or even dynamic. Many chatbots can be easily automated to serve customers in a personalized way. You can also add live chat options or timed automated responses. Now, social messenger platforms are also offering static chatbots like Facebook messenger icon.

#6. Display Complementary Products:

Whenever a customer visits any product page, you can also recommend him/her with other products that are complementary to the initially visited product. This can be done for any category of products for instance, for apparels category, it can be made in the form of a lookbook.

#7. Pre-Fill The Checkout Entries:

Allow users to save the addresses. Use that data to prefill the checkout options. Similarly, payment preferences can also be pre-filled. Such options aid the checkout procedures & improve the overall customer experience.

#8. Loyalty Programs:

Treat your frequent shoppers with extra discounts like loyalty credit points, special coupons, etc. Having loyal & frequently returning shoppers are the best kind of customers an eCommerce business can have. They are usually also responsible for referring their friends to your shopping site/app. So, it’s good to offer them loyalty credits & awards to encourage them to shop more.

#9. Custom PrestaShop Module Development:

A lot of customizations can be made via simply using the pre-existing Prestashop modules. Such as ‘Returns Manager’ Module, ‘Spin & Win Discount Wheel’ Module, Lookbook Module, etc. The best thing about PrestaShop is being an open-source platform, any kind of module can be custom developed according to any kind of business needs.

#10. Mobile-Friendly Design:

Whichever thing you design in your PrestaShop website, make sure to make it responsive. This means that those designs should appear properly aligned on mobile devices & should be visually appealing with all its functionalities intact.

#11. Marketplace Integrations:

You can integrate other platforms on your PrestaShop site. Some examples are Amazon Integrations, Etsy Integration, etc. KnowBand offers various marketplace integrators for eCommerce. Check all of them from here.

Be sure to test all your customizations for quality assurance & debug wherever necessary. If you require any sort of PrestaShop Customization or any module on your site, feel free to speak to us at

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