OpenCart Extension to Send Back-In-Stock and Low Stock Alerts


Ecommerce companies always look for options that can bring more and more sales. Store optimization for speed, engagement, customer acquisition, and retention rates are on the top of the list. To add to this, KnowBand launched a super easy-to-handle OpenCart plugin for Back-in-stock alerts and low stock notifications. The Back in Stock alerts notify customers about the subscribed products when they are available in stock and increase customer retention rate.

OpenCart Back-in-Stock plugin- Unique way to Capture Lost Sales

Does every customer like to receive emails from the eCommerce website? Is it worth sending alerts to all the customers visiting your store? Are your ongoing campaigns working well?

If your answer is ‘No’ for any of the questions asked, you must stick to this article and read further. Let me give you a brief about the plugin and how you can boost sales with this tool

Display a subscription box on the product page

On your website, you must have added pop-ups for email subscriptions to grow your email list. But, it won’t tell you if the customer is interested in any particular product. For this, you can use the OpenCart Back-in-Stock plugin. With this, a customer can subscribe for back-in-stock alerts for a specific product on your OpenCart store.


OpenCart Back-in-stock alert is a 3-in-1 extension. It allows you to send alerts at three different points in time

  • Send initial subscription email: As the customer subscribes to your custom alerts, you can send a customized welcome email with a text that states about the subscribed product.
  • Notify customer with a low-stock alert: If the subscribed product is low in quantity, a low-stock notification will be sent automatically with the OpenCart Back-in-stock plugin.
  • Send an email with ‘Back-in-stock’ custom text: The third email category is Back-in-stock. Make the best use of the OpenCart back-in-stock plugin when the product is again available in your store.


Auto-trigger Low stock and Back-in-stock alerts

Every time you send an email, there are chances that you miss out on some of the other details.

The OpenCart extension for low stock or back-in-stock allows the sender to save the default email templates. The template options are available for all three, the initial email, low-stock email, and the back-in-stock email.

In addition, it has cron functionality that sends your email alerts automatically to subscribers. For instance, set the low-stock alert quantity to 4, it will auto-trigger an email as the quantity reaches 4.

Real-time Analytics for Opencart

The best part of this extension is its analytical reports. Data gives you an insight into everything.

The graphical reports with pie diagrams display the number of subscribers (weekly), monthly subscription data, number of products subscribed, top subscribed products, and daily reports of the subscriptions.


The OpenCart Back-in-stock plugin gives well-analyzed reports. Anyone with or without an analytics degree can depict the results by looking at those colorful graphs.

Send alerts via your email provider like Mailchimp

Use this as an opportunity to run your email marketing campaign. The MailChimp synchronization with the module will build up your email list. Use this data for every other marketing campaign you run by email. Why just the stock alerts, but you can send welcome emails, discounted emails, abandoned cart alerts, and a lot more. If you haven’t started with email marketing, it’s time to buckle down.

If you have a marketplace on the OpenCart platform, you can use this plugin to never lose a potential customer. Marketplaces have a huge audience base. This is a marketplace guide to create yours on the OpenCart platform with a Multi-vendor vendor marketplace extension.


This all-in-one email subscription and back-in-stock alert extension is a must-have for every OpenCart eCommerce store. You can send as many alerts as you want! Create customized templates for email and the product page subscription block. Customers won’t miss out on their favorite products and the merchant won’t lose any sales.

If there’s a feature you desire on your OpenCart site, there’s a good chance an Opencart plugin will let you achieve it; if you can’t find one, you can always contact us for custom plugin creation.

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