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With an increase in the number of online stores, the availability of choices for online shoppers has increased. The advanced technology and enhanced features have made marketing a strategic approach. There are times when a product that is high in demand, may get out of stock due to more customers’ demand. In the competitive scenario, the non-availability of the product may cost you some potential buyers. Thus, reaching out to the customers once the products are back in stock is important.

The Prestashop Back in Stock notification Addon is one such plugin that allows the Prestashop eCommerce store owners to inform the customers about the re-stocked products. The information can be send across via email or Push notifications. The customers can apply to get notified when the product of their interest comes back in the stock. It is an easy approach as the customers need not to put extra efforts to be updated on the products that they were looking for in the web store. Moreover, the web store makes easy sale by informing the customers and the customers are direct benefitted from this as they don’t have to put extra effort and time to make sure that their product is back online.

The availability of such a feature makes it possible for the web store owners to reach out to the customers easily. It also makes the store owner sure to make a sale on the products which would have otherwise gone unnoticed by the customers without getting proper update on the products. Have you ever lost conversions because of the low inventory? Here are some of the ways in which the back in stock plugin can help you.

Customer and Seller oriented

customer and seller oriented

The module is quite easy to understand and use. It has some added features that are both customer oriented as well as seller oriented. The notification send by the module enables the customer to approach the website for the product as soon the product is re-stocked. It saves customer the time and lengthy process of keeping an eye on their favorite products by deliberately visiting the online store. The major target of the web store owners is to make the product available for the customers, thus the back in stock module is one such good example of providing the products at customers steps. All, that that customer needs to do is visit the store and make purchase.

Effortless customization

effortless customization

The Prestashop back in stock notification module has enabled editing feature. It allows the seller to design the theme layout of their block, making it more engaging for the customers. The module helps in increasing the product’s reach. Now, your prospective customers can get notified about the product re-stock, which in return will enhance your chanced of conversions. The module can be edited as per the owners preferences and the modifications made can be implemented easily.

Increases the Subscriber List

Increases the Subscriber List

The module supports email listings which helps the user to keep in touch about the products and offers. It helps in maintaining an interactive communication between the seller and customers. The seller can keep customer aware about other offers too via email or push notification. It makes the process of feedback and reviews more transparent. Not just this, the personal details of the subscriber can be further used for remarketing and email marketing. Thus, it is an overall win-win situation for the online sellers.



As most of the customers prefer to make purchase using mobiles, the back in stock module is designed in such a way that it can be run on any mobile devices as well. The module also is also compatible with all browsers which makes it even more convenient for the customers. In addition to this, the multi-store compatibility of the modules enables the seller to use it in a flawless way. Hence, customers can be now be informed about different products with minimum effort.

Multi-lingual Support


Most of the people who make purchases may not be well-versed with English. Therefore, the Prestashop Back in Stock addon supports multiple languages. This feature makes it easy for the people of all ethnicity to use your services and get notified about the restocked products all over the globe. The module makes it easy for the web store owners to inform the customers about the products all across the globe which doesn’t restrict the store owners to a particular location.

Improved Marketing

The attracting of the customers by using back in stock module enables the web store to market the products in a better way. Earlier the products were less discoverable and the web store had to provide efforts to make a sale. By the notification option using the back in stock, all that the web store owners need to do is send an Email, then the customers are auto informed about the product. Now the customers need to visit the web store and make a purchase on the products. It is an easy approach to make a sale on the products.


The Prestashop back in stock notification module provides the customers an option to get notified about the products that they find interesting. The notification is send in the demand of the customers. Thus, it is an effortless way to bring the customer back to your store. This feature helps them to be notified about product’s stock arrival without having to browse the website. It save customers both time and effort. The Back in stock alert is one of the best idea to generate a good web traffic and possibly make immediate conversions.

The SSL compatibility feature of the module, ensures the customers that their online transaction data is safe. The seller can also track records of the subscribed customers and can view their purchase history. Hence, it enables the seller to improve services based upon the trending products in the market. Ultimately, ensuring that the customers receive the products they want.

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