Prestashop Scratch Coupon (Email Subscription pop up) – User Manual

1. Introduction to Scratch Coupon/Email Subscription pop up

Prestashop Scratch Coupon addon allows store owner to provide discount coupons to the visitors using an interactive scratch to win pop up(email subscription pop up) interface on the website front and analyze the customer’s need by tracking discount coupons. The customers receives the coupon codes via email.

Coupon codes with discounts highly affects the shopping behavior of the visitors as most of the visitors love to buy the products at a special discounted price, therefore coupons play an important role in cart conversions.

Highly interactive and responsive Prestashop scratch coupon also offers email subscription, the module integrates your store to your Mail Chimp account, i.e the email that the user enters in the scratch coupon pop up is automatically integrated with your Mail chimp account, which can be later used for personalized promotions or Email marketing.

Key Features of Prestashop scratch coupon:

  • Provides Interactive Scratch coupon email subscription pop up interface on Prestashop Store front.
  • Sends personalized emails with coupon code included.
  • Graphical and tabular reports for Coupon and Sales make the performance analysis easy for the store owners.
  • Mail Chimp Integration: Email Integration with smart sync feature.
  • Direct impact on sales and customer engagement
  • Increase the percentage of returning customers on your Prestashop store
  • Highly interactive and responsive pop up interface makes the customer win discounts and feel special
  • Improves conversion rates by providing customers an interactive email subscription pop up to win discounts
  • Fully customizable email subscription pop up, matches with your website’s theme
  • Extremely responsive and user friendly back end interface
  • Option to Show/Hide Scratch Coupon email subscription box on any desired page of the prestashop store.
  • Option to allow or restrict free shipping on the coupon.
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Multi Lingual Support
  • Multi store compatible
  • Prestashop Scratch coupon is compatible with all the themes
  • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet responsive design.
  • Adds a feature of gamification to the website which makes the store visitors scratch and win discounts.

2. Installation-Prestashop scratch coupon addon

To install this Prestashop addon, please follow these steps:

  1. Folder structure of the Scratch Coupon plugin folder(scratchcoupon).

  1. Copy the whole folder named as “scratchcoupon” into your modules folder of the root directory of your PrestaShop store through FTP.
  2. You will be able to find the Scratch Coupon plug-in ready to be installed in the “Modules” in your PrestaShop store as shown below.

  1. Click on the Install button to install the plugin.

3. Admin Interface

After installing Scratch coupon addon into store, following interfaces will display:

  1. Configurations
  2. Report Analysis
  3. Email Settings
  4. FAQs
  5. Suggestions
  6. Other Plugins

3.1 Configurations

After clicking on configure button of “Scratch Coupon” addon on module listing page, system will open “Configurations” tabs by default as shown in screen below:

This tab contains 3 sub-tabs: –

  1. General Settings
  2. Look and Feel Settings
  3. MailChimp Settings

Note : Prestashop store admin can expand or contract these tab by clicking on the tab.

3.1.1 General Settings

When Prestashop store admin clicks on “General Settings” tab then the fields shown below will display. The fields in the form will already be filled by their default values.

  1. Enable/Disable: Initially, this will be “OFF”. User can enable/disable addon functionality by turning it ON/OFF.
  2. Pages to Display: Admin can search and select the pages where he/she wants to display the scratch coupon email subscription popup.
  3. Enable Box Hide: The scratch coupon pop up is displayed, each time the page reloads. So, prestashop store owner can disable the popup and enable the box hide option to show a box on the side, when a customer clicks on this box the scratch coupon email subscription pup up appears.
  4. Coupon Expire: The Responsive addon allows store owners to set the coupon expiry days, the coupon will be expired after the specified days. Customers are informed via emails regarding the coupon expiry.
  5. Scratch Box Display Interval: Store admin can also set the number of days after which the email subscription popup appears again with another coupon code for the same customer.
  6. Discount Type: Here admin can set the type of discount to be offered to the customer i.e Fixed price discount, Fixed percentage based discount or percentage range discount
    1. Fix Percentage: By default, this option will be selected. Here user can set the fix percentage discount. Fix percentage value will lie between 1 and 100. On front end, each coupon will have fix discount percentage.

    1. Percentage Range: On selecting this option. Two inputs will be shown as shown in screen below:

Here user can set the range of percentage. By setting this option, plug-in will randomly generate discount within percentage range on front end.

    1. Fix Price: If user set fix amount discount instead of percentage. Then this option will fulfill this need. Here user can set fix amount in USD.

  1. Allow Free Shipping: By default “No” will be selected. On selecting “Yes”. Free shipping will be allowed on the generated coupons.
  2. Allow Coupon without login: By default “No” will be selected. On selecting “Yes”, customers can apply the coupon without loggin in to the Prestashop store.

Note : Only that customer can use the coupon to whom it is assigned. If the Customer is different and admin configure Allow Coupon without login option as “Yes”, then the coupon will automatically be removed from the cart.

  1. Send Email to Admin: By default “No” will be selected. When set to “Yes” the module sends the scratch coupon discount notification to admin.
  2. Admin Mail Subject Line: Admin can set the subject line for scratch coupon discount notification emails..

3.1.2. Look and Feel Settings

When admin clicks on “Look and Feel Setting” tab then all the fields shown below will display. Initially, all the fields in the form will already filled by their default values.

  1. Box Background Color: Define the background color of scratch coupon box on front end. A color picker will pop up from where Prestashop admin can change background color..
  2. Main Title:. The title displays on the top of the coupon box at front. Admin can customize the text with the available options:

Bold: To darken the title.

Italic: To italic the title

Color: To set the color of the title.

  1. Scratch Box Title: Scratch box title is very important as it attracts the customers. Scratch box title should be catchy and should attract customers. It is displayed just above the Scratch area on the email subscription pop up.
  2. Form Title 1: Used to display the information of the discount won by the customer. For example: Congrats! you have just won 10% OFF on your first purchase on Fashion Store.
  3. Form Title 2: Admin can use this field to provide any information to the customer.
  4. Name Title: In this field admin can set the title for the input field which will require name of the customer at front end. Here user have two option to set title:
  5. Email Title: In this field user can set the title for the input field which will require email of the customer at front end.
  6. Input Field Border: Use to style the border of input fields on front end. We recommend that, please use opposite color of background color to clearly show the input fields on front end.
  7. Button: Admin can set the title of button. The button will be displayed on front end. Customer must have to click on this button to get the coupon. Admin can customize the button text or background color
  • Button Text:. This will be the text shown on button.
  • Button Text in Progress:. This text will be shown when system processing and sending coupon to customer. After sending coupon, this will be replaced by “Button Text” value.
  1. Success Message: Success message will be shown after sending coupon to corresponding customer.
  2. Success Thanks: Success thanks message will be shown as heading of the Success Message after sending coupon to corresponding customer .
  3. Get Coupon Code Label: ‘Coupon code label’ text will display as label of the button when Scratch Coupon box is hidden.

3.1.3 MailChimp Settings

When admin clicks on “MailChimp Settings” tab then the fields shown below will display. The fields in the form will be already filled by their default values.

  1. Enable/Disable : From this option admin can enable/disable the MailChimp settings. Initially it will be set to off.

2. Smart Sync : This option when enabled, email id after validation will be synchronized if visitor/guest/customer remove focus after filling email field irrespective of the fact if the user have submitted the form. If it is disabled the email will be synced only when form is submitted at the front-end.

3. MailChimp API Key : MailChimp API key is the key that the user created on his/her MailChimp account at This API key will be used to connect to the MailChimp API. When user fill the “MailChimp API Key” field with a valid API key and click Get List button then the lists related to that MailChimp API key will display.

4. MailChimp Lists : MailChimp Lists will be available when the MailChimp API key is provided. How to setup MailChimp Account ?

Following are the steps to activate the module-

  1. Visit and create account.After account creation, login to your account.
  2. On Dashboard, click button on upper right corner of dashboard. Drop down menu will open, click Account link in that menu as seen in screen below.

  1. On Account settings page, some sub menus will be visible. Click “Extras” sub-menu to open drop down menu. Click “API keys”as shown in screen below:

  1. On API keys page, click “Create a key”to generate API key. After creation, a new API key will be added to your API keys list. Screen is given below:

  1. Now to create list, click Lists tab in upper menu. Admin will be redirected to new page where he/she can view lists and create lists also. Screen is given below:

  1. On Lists page, Click “Create list” to create new list. After creation lists will be visible on Lists page as shown in screen below.

3.2 Report Analysis

In this tab, addon will show the coupons and discount statistics in graphical format. With the help of these statistics, store owner will be able to analyze customer’s need in form of discounts and time as shown in screen below:

Prestashop store Admin can also see the discount details up-to last 30 days as shown below.

Following graphs will be shown in this tab:

  1. Coupon Statistics – OverAll: This section will show over all summary of Total Generated, Used, Expired and Unused coupons

  1. Discount Statistics: In this section, how many number of customers applied for which discount range and how many times coupon is scratched for which discount range. As there are two types of discount: percentage and fixed amount; in system. Addon will show separate graph for both discount types as follows:
  2. Percentage discount statistics: This will be a line graph, in which discount interval will be of 10% upto 100%. Percentage based discounts statistics displays the number of times the email is captured and the number of times the coupon is scratched for percentage based disounts.

  1. Fixed Amount discount statistics: Fixed amount discounts statistics displays the number of times the email is captured and the number of times the coupon is scratched for Fixed amount discounts.This will also be a line graph, in which discount interval will be of 30 and 6 intervals will be shown.

With the help of these two graphs, Prestashop store owners can track the customer’s needs in terms of discounts. Information gathered in these statistics will be helpful in attracting more customers by offering preferred discounts and increase store sales. Admin can also filter these graphs by selecting dates.

  1. Coupon Statistics – Generated Vs Used: The graph shows the comparison between total coupon generated and the total coupons used by the customers. The graph shows data of last 8 days. User can also filter graph by selecting date. Following is the sample screen shot of statistics:

3.3 Email Settings

This section contains a readymade email template which can be later customized as per the requirement in any language. Email template can be stored for multiple languages present in the system.


Note:- The email template contains pure html only and some template variables (example:- {any_var}). It is recommended not to edit any part of the email template containing such text otherwise the email template will not work properly.

3.4 FAQs

This tab contains several questions (with answers to them) that are asked by our customers. We recommend you to go through the questions before raising any ticket for this plugin.

3.5 Suggestions

In case you want to give any suggestions for some new features to be included in the new version of this plugin than you can use this tab.

3.6 Other Plugins

This tab redirects to our developer page having list of other plugins developed by us. If you like this plugin than you can try our other plugins as well.

4. Front End Interface-Prestashop Scratch Coupon/Email subscription Addon

On prestashop store front, the interactive and responsive scratch coupon email subscription pop up will be displayed on selected pages after enabling it from admin panel. This scratch coupon pop up will be displayed on top of the homepage.

Note : Validation for scratch coupon will be there even if module is disabled or uninstalled.

Following is the screen of scratch coupon email subscription box with default values:

After scratching coupon area, an input form will be open just below the coupon pop up as shown in screen below:

After providing name and email into form, Prestashop scratch coupon addon will send coupon with discount to the customer. After sending email to customer, a success message will be displayed as shown in below screen:

The above message will be disappear after 5 seconds and next discount will be shown on the same system after defined (set through admin panel) days.

5. Tracking Information

On front end, this addon tracks following information to create analysis reports in the form of graphs:

  1. Discount Scratch Tracking: Whenever customer scratches to win, the addon tracks that event and save into DB, after that automatically disable the tracking process until the browser will not re open again on the same system.
  2. Coupon Tracking: After sending the mail to the customers with coupon and other details, the addon saves the coupon information in the database with the corresponding customer details. Which it later use to generate the stats for the generated coupons and customers.
  3. Send Email to Admin: If prestashop store owner allow email to admin, then it will also send the same email with discount coupon and coupon details to admin.
  4. Enable discount coupon again: After sending coupon to customer, it will not re-generate discount on the same system until admin allows to display the email subscription pop up again.


In case module is displaying override issue while installation or re-installation of the module, please make sure that the file “CartRule.php” doesn’t exist inside the folder “override/classes” of your store’s root directory. In case it already exist there, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps –

1. Cut the file “CartRule.php” from “override/classes/CartRule.php” of your store’s root directory and paste it in some other directory.

2. Login to Back-Office.

3. Go to Advanced Parameters > Performance.

4. Click on “Clear Cache” button.

5. Then install the module.


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