Enhance The Pleasure Of Online Shopping For Customers With This Prestashop Save For Later Plugin

It is often seen that site visitors on an e- commerce site browse for a particular product and wants to save that viewed product for future purchase. It helps them to have a reserve product if the browsed product happens to be in huge demand. Further, it also helps in faster selection of the product if the visitor seems interested to buy that product in future and ensures that the product is available to the consumer. This feature of moving the browsed product into the wishlist lets you purchase that product simply through your wishlist instead of browsing for that product again on your e- commerce store. Considering the importance of wishlist functionality in the e- commerce industry, Prestashop Save for Later Addon has made effective use of this feature to provide an altogether different online shopping experience to its targeted customers. Here are some of the features that will help you understand the seamless functionality of this great plugin.

Facility of checking “saved product list” of the customers-

With the help of this Prestashop Addon, store owners can easily check the saved product list of their targeted customers. It helps them to know the interested products of their customers so as to ensure the continuous availability of these products at the store to facilitate future purchase. This facility helps to provide the crucial information about the purchasing behavior of site visitors to e- commerce site so that they can provide them suggestion about the related products in order to boost their product sales.

Easy functionality to set the price of advertised products again-

Now, the store owners have a chance to reprice their existing products depending upon the demand, customer response, product sales and other such factors. By making necessary adjustments in the pricing of your products, business organizations can easily drive customers towards their e- commerce site to increase their product sales and conversion rates.

Provides freedom to customers to manage their private wishlist-

In order to boost the effective online shopping, business organizations have provided unlimited creation of the wishlist of desired products by both the guest customers as well as the registered customers. Based on the list of the products in the wishlist, customers can easily use this list for future purchase and can save their time in browsing products to a great extent. Prestashop advance wishlist addon allows easy addition of the desired products in the wishlist so that they can be referenced later on for the future purchase.

So, with changing circumstances in online shopping, e- commerce organizations can take a sensible step in this direction by ordering this Prestashop addon to avoid loss in conversion rates and product sales. You just need to surf our e- commerce site knowband and we will ensure that your business organization keeps surging ahead among your business rivals.

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