Give Best Infinite/Endless Scrolling Experience to Your eCommerce Customers


If you’re thinking of infinite scrolling to your site, pause and consider this feature because it does more than any harm to a website. Endless scrolling is a web-design technique that loads content or products continuously as the user scrolls down the page, removing the need for pagination.

Continuous scrolling is desirable for content that streams continuously and has a fairly flat layout, where each element of content is at the same level of the hierarchy and has similar chances of being of relevance to customers. And this makes sense to eCommerce sites where you have numerous products to display.

Infinite scrolling or endless scrolling is not new. Twitter was the first platform that used infinite scrolling back in 2005. Since then it is being used by many social media platforms and eCommerce websites.

If you are looking for the reason why you should add endless scrolling? There is a handful of benefits of infinite scrolling. 

Here, I will be discussing improving the endless scrolling experience of your customer.

1.     Speed and performance optimization


Pagination is the process in which the user has to tap on a button multiple times to see more products. With endless scroll, the user will be able to the products continuously without making any efforts.

The performance and speed test for an eCommerce website is the key element of site optimization.

Make sure your products load fast for everybody and if possible, try to convert your website into a PWA(Progressive Web App).

The user would have to scroll a lot more on a mobile device than on a similar list of items on the desktop due to the smaller screen size. Hence, it is thoughtful to optimize it for speed and performance.

2.     Content optimization for endless scroll

The Internet has given users an infinite amount of knowledge just by pressing a few buttons.

Because the amount of knowledge is infinite, content marketing has become increasingly difficult.

To make your content stand out, you need to make the user experience (UX) meaningful and engaging through better content development and better user experience design.

Write articles tailored to your audience by studying data such as popular trending Meta descriptions.

Will endless scrolling work for your site?

It is necessary to find out if endless scrolling a good idea for your store? It is appropriate for some of the circumstances discussed in this section.

  • For storytelling- It creates a linear framework that storytellers can leverage
  • Continuous and lengthy content, such as a long article or a multi-step tutorial- provides a better user experience than slicing it into many separate pages
  • If the material cannot be separated into separate sections and should be viewed as a whole, for example, an infographic
  • To highlight the characteristics, qualities, or attributes of a product in a tale
  • For product display- Display endless products of a category on mobile websites like Amazon

3.     Smooth scrolling On Touch screen Devices


Mobile usage has grown over the last few years. It’s so easy to only use a thumb to navigate to various Facebook or Instagram pages.

Infinite scrolling provides an amazing browsing experience for mobile users, particularly on mobile apps and the web browser.

With automated product loading, customers only need to scroll to find their expected product. It’s perfect for user-friendliness and navigation, too.

How to take advantage of endless scrolling?

The endless scrolling is now a part of UI and many eCommerce websites use it as a design trend. Here are some trends that you can follow to make it more appealing and increase user engagement. Endless scrolling with these product page design additions will give users a smooth scrolling experience.

  • It gives user-friendly experience– You can add thumbnails with an optimum size that loads faster.
  • Right navigation is necessary: If the user clicks on an image to open it then if the ‘back’ button is pressed, it should remember the last scroll position.
  • Add virtual photographs –And, virtual photography helps you to create better-than-perfect merchandise photographs at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.
  • Customization is the key- with the help of various available software and apps you can let them see how the product looks by visualizing it in the place where they are supposed to place that.

Or if they are buying a spectacle or clothing then it will be convincing if you let them see how it will look on them.

They will spend more time on your website and it will keep them engaged. Many of the traders already using these latest options are reducing product returns and offering consumers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Endless scrolling with infinite scroll module by KnowBand

If you want to give your user the smooth experience of infinite scrolling, knowBand’s module can help. The Infinite Scroll module is available for almost all the major eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento.

Check them out:

OpenCart Infinite Scroll extension

Infinite/Endless Scroll addon for Prestashop

Endless Scroll extension for Magento

Infinite Scroll extension for Magento 2

It offers several features that make the infinite scrolling more efficient. The infinite scroll module removes the conventional pagination and gives a smooth UX. It allows you to use manual triggers. With this support, the user can also load the products manually after a limit set by you.

The Infinite Scroll Extension also has an additional function to let the customer go to the top of the page by clicking on a connection.

It adds an automatic scroll to the product listing page and allows the user to quickly browse through your store products without switching pages.

Conclusion: It’s an open secret that infinite scrolling works well on certain types of websites that display vast quantities of high-visual content such as photos and videos.

That’s why optimizing your e-commerce pages for endless scrolling can have a tremendous influence on your conversion rates. Give continuous scroll a try and find out if it works best for your online store.

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