Integrating PrestaShop Store with Amazon Marketplace Web Service

PrestaShop Amazon Integration

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is an API system provided by Amazon marketplace to establish an exchange of information on the product listing, product orders, payments, reports and much more. The Amazon MWS API enables the programmers to develop selling automation solutions which help the store owners to grow their business on the Amazon marketplace.

The solutions developed using Amazon MWS help the sellers to:

  • Increase selling efficiency
  • Reduce extra efforts and labor and,
  • Improve response time to marketplace customers

Earlier, if you had an eCommerce website and also wanted to sell on the Amazon marketplace, you had to create a separate seller account and manage it separately. It was a tough job to manage an eCommerce site and an Amazon seller account separately.

With Amazon MWS, a broader scope of functionalities was introduced to those who have an eCommerce store and also want to sell on Amazon. With the new API, Amazon product listing, order management, payment, and much more functionalities were integrated into various solutions developed for different eCommerce platforms.

The PrestaShop Amazon US connection is one such solution that integrates the Amazon seller functionalities into existing workflow of PrestaShop stores so that selling on Amazon fits seamlessly to the current eCommerce operations.

The PrestaShop integration-

Using the Amazon MWS connection, the PrestaShop Amazon integration module allows product import-export, order management, payment report etc right on a PrestaShop dashboard itself. You do not have to login to your Amazon seller account to manage the product feeds, or product orders anymore. You can manage all these right from your PrestaShop store.

To use this functionality, you need to install the PrestaShop Amazon US Marketplace integration module on your PrestaShop. After that, you need to create a professional seller account at Amazon which you will use to show your product on the Amazon marketplace.

Now, when you have the module and a seller account on Amazon, you need the following API details that you can get from the Amazon MWS and Amazon Seller Central account setup:

1 . Seller or Merchant Id:

You will get this when you create the Amazon seller account. It is mandatory to make connection to Amazon MWS API.

2. AWS Access Key Id:

You will get this when you sign up for Amazon MWS. This information is also mandatory to make connection to Amazon MWS API.

3. Secret Key:

You will get it when you sign up for Amazon MWS.

After configuring these details in your PrestaShop module, your Amazon-PrestaShop connection is ready to use. Now, you can use the profile management, order management, product feed management interfaces to seamlessly carry out your multi-channel trade.

With the PrestaShop Amazon US Integration, you can perform all the functionalities that you can perform in an Amazon Seller Central panel.

  • You can create profiles for product listing on Amazon
  • You can manage Amazon product exports from the PrestaShop dashboard itself. You can map and upload your existing PrestaShop products to Amazon product feed.
  • You can manage the Amazon product orders from the PrestaShop dashboard.
  • You can map PrestaShop categories with Amazon US Marketplace Categories.
  • You can map PrestaShop attributes to the corresponding Marketplace attribute
  • You can view list of orders from Amazon whose status is not pending on

Amazon MWS can provide you a wider platform to showcase your products. This operation can be further simplified with the platform based solutions like the PrestaShop Amazon US integration module. So, if you run a PrestaShop store and want to expand your reach to a broader section of customers, Amazon Marketplace is one such effective option for you.

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