How to add production partner and connect with listing in Etsy Marketplace?

A production partner or manufacturer is someone who will assist you in producing items to be sold at the Etsy shop. In order to manitain the transparency, Etsy has its own handmade policy and seller needs to follow those policies if he wants to sell the goods along with a production partner.Are you willing to show same listing to multiple production partners? Etsy provides a very easy and convenient way to connect these both which ease out your work.

Here’s how you do it in 10 simple Steps:

Step 1: Login into Etsy

  • Click here to open Etsy Marketplace store
  • Login to your Etsy account by clicking the “Sign in” option provided in the top right corner.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 2: Shop Manager

After you have successfully logged in, click on the “Shop Manager” in the top right corner.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 3: Production Partner

Click on the “Settings” in the left menu, then click on “Production Partner”.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 4: Add a new production partner

Click on the “Add a new production partner” option provided.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 5: Fill up the details

Fill up the details in the “Add a new production partner” pop up opened such as, production partner, location, about production partner, about your partnership and other relevant options.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 6: Save Partner

Click on the “Save partner” button provided which will save the partner.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 7: Listings

Click on the “Listings” in the left menu to connect the created partner with listing.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 8: Edit the listing

Click on the “Settings” option provided with every product, and open the listing in edit mode by clicking on the “Edit” option.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 9: Choose production partner

Check the boxes with which you want to connect the listing.

Etsy Marketplace

Step 10: Publish listing

Click on the “Publish” option to save the changes you have just made.

Etsy Marketplace

Watch how to add Production Partner and connect with listing in Etsy Marketplace 

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  1. Informative article. I have multiple production partners associated with my business. The tutorial video helped me a lot to understand the whole procedure. Thank you, Joe, for this article.
    Waiting for more such tutorials!

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