Boost your Business Chances by Creating a Loyal Social Army Through this Prestashop Addon

You might have wondered why numerous business organizations are giving added emphasis to social media campaigning when there are other methods of marketing available today. Well, the answer may be startling but it is actually true. Various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and such others have billions of users in combined who can easily influence the fortunes of any business organization. By understanding the huge potential of this social platform, e- commerce organizations can easily a mass good profit margins through their store. Some of the salient features that are making this Prestashop social login addon a huge success among e- commerce organizations are discussed as follows:

Seamless installation and configuration of Addon-

The addon is designed in such a way that an individual with minimum technical knowledge can easily install this module without any external help. Further, due to its easy configuration, store owners can transfer files seamlessly from site server to their native website without any hiccups.

Adaptability to different platforms-

Now, store owners don’t need separate addon, extensions or software upgrades to use this Prestashop Addon on various other platforms like desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. Its responsive design makes it suitable to be used on any kind of computing devices without any changes in its features and services. So, it helps in cutting both the costs and the efforts involved in installing a module on different platforms.

Facility to be used with multiple stores and themes-

One of the special feature of this Prestashop Social Login Addon is that it can be easily used with any type of the e- commerce store and website theme. It works smoothly and error free with different types of e- commerce store and you can easily use its wonderful features with any type of e- commerce business. Further, the module synchronizes effectively with different website themes and poses no problem during the whole installation process.

Wide range of customization facility linked with social login-

The module is simply built to target the online customers and helps in easy login facility through social media accounts. Further, with features like “Quick Login“, customers can easily login with their social profiles without any need to fill background details. The store owners can also activate or deactivate a social account through the back end and can also make changes in the social media text and placement of social icons on the website.

So, with these mind blowing features, e- commerce organizations can create a long army of social media loyalists who can help in increasing the product sales of your site by promoting your product effectively in the social circuits. By gaining the loyalty and trust of your customers, your e- commerce store can outscore among your business rivals in terms of conversion rates and sales revenue. So, order this superb module from our online store now and watch its magical benefits through your own eyes.

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