OpenCart Coupon Extensions to Bring Customers Towards your eCommerce Store

OpenCart Coupon Plugins to bring customers towards your eCommerce store | Knowband

“Discount coupons”, “gift cards”, “voucher cards” or other such shopping offers are the buzz words that can effortlessly grab the customer attention towards an online store without any effort. You need to be constantly on your toes to persuade your targeted customers for making a product purchase through your OpenCart store. No doubt, it is a challenging task considering the changing market dynamics and customer behavior, but the situation can be brought under control with the help of these OpenCart coupon extensions from Knowband store. These modules have been a major force to reckon with when it comes to customer engagement, conversions and product sales.

Want to know more about these OpenCart coupon extensions? Check out below to know more about their amazing features and functionalities that can optimize the performance of your OpenCart store.

1. OpenCart Scratch Coupon

Online shoppers are always looking for exciting shopping offers and deals that can give them ample reasons to indulge in online shopping. If you have this Knowband Opencart Scratch Coupon extension, it will be much easier for you to provide engaging scratch coupon that can be redeemed by the customers effortlessly. In this way, you can bring more site traffic, conversion rates and product sales on your OpenCart store with the help of this scratch coupon module. Here are some of the brilliant features that makes OpenCart Scratch Coupon module as one of the best OpenCart coupon extensions for OpenCart platform.

  • The Opencart Scratch Coupon module facilitates easy installation and configuration by any non technical individual.
  • The Opencart Scratch Coupon module by Knowband supports multiple platforms and devices due responsive design.
  • The Opencart Scratch Coupon module provides facility to make changes in the offered discount amount, eligible time period to avail coupon code and much more.
  • The Opencart Scratch Coupon module offers timely reporting and analytical data to store admin regarding the performance and status of their coupon codes.
  • The Opencart Scratch Coupon module presents detailed information about all the coupon related statistics for understanding the impact of scratch discount coupons on your store.
  • The Opencart Scratch Coupon module provides free technical support and assistance.

It is high time to install this OpenCart scratch coupon extension on your store to minimize abandoned customers and bounce backs on your site. Besides, it can also play an amazing role to improve your sales and conversion rates.

2. OpenCart Sales Coupon Enhancer

If you are not having any idea about how to generate appealing coupon codes, Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer is surely the module to go for. With multiple features and functionalities, this OpenCart extension has become one of the most popular and sought after OpenCart sale coupon modules that can change the fortune of your store in an effortless manner. Take a look at its salient characteristics that are mentioned below:

  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer module by Knowband allows store admin to create coupon codes based on customer groups, shipping methods and payment methods.
  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer module helps in deciding the validation rules for your coupon code.
  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer by Knowband is compatible with various types of online stores and themes.
  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer offers free technical support service and updates.
  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer module can be installed and configured in a seamless manner.
  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer does not conflict with the existing coupon code system.
  • The Opencart Sales Coupon Enhancer by Knowband offers various statistical reports to get a complete idea about the coupon generation mechanism.

Don’t let the business opportunity pass away to your rivals in terms of customer engagement, conversions and bumper sales. All you need is the support of these OpenCart coupon extensions that have the unmatched potential to achieve initial lead for your eCommerce store. So, just visit our Knowband store and we can help you in the quick makeover of your online business.

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