3 Must have OpenCart Extensions to Get More Traffic

In this blog, we have tried to help you out with some powerful extensions for a website designed on OpenCart shopping platform. Installing these extensions will definitely motivate your visitors to spend more time on your site and will help achieve increased visibility and ranking too.

Here’s a brief description of these 3 highly functional extensions for increasing traffic on your OpenCart store-

1. OpenCart Abandoned Cart

It is a very useful plugin for increasing traffic of your site. If you have an OpenCart site, you will definitely be able to recover abandoned cart and improve the buying experience of your users. 

Increase sales-

By sending an email reminder (cart abandoned recovery mail) to customers who have abandoned the cart.

Fully customizable Email Content

Knowband’s OpenCart Abandoned Cart allows a store owner to send personalized emails that redirect the user’s session on your site with a single click, making it easy for customers to complete the checkout process.
The “follow-up with email” feature of this extension increases the likelihood that the customers will return to your site for completing the purchase. Abandoned cart follow up mails are the most widely used marketing strategy for increasing customer engagement on your store.
According to the data by SalesCycle, “48.1% of abandoned emails were opened, 14.9% were clicked and 33.3% were actually converted into a purchase.”

In order to increase chances of engaging customers, OpenCart Abandoned Cart allows you to send emails within a time interval set. It also allows the store admin to add images and other deals and discount to increase chances of visitor returning back to your store. With more and more customers getting engaged on your store, the website traffic will automatically increase, thereby leading to improved bounce rates.


2. OpenCart One Page checkout

People love simplicity, be it while shopping online or conducting transactions. Out of so many reasons, “a lengthy checkout” is one amongst those reasons which actually increases cart abandonment. Always remember the simpler and the easier; the process is, the more likely your customers will continue the purchase.

With “OpenCart One Page Super checkout”, you will allow customers to quickly view their items in the cart and move forward with just a single step to complete the purchase.

The added features of this extension like, “enabling social login“, “mobile responsive theme”,  “supporting multiple shipping and payment method” also adds to its functionality and motivates your customers to come back again, thereby increasing traffic and sales on your website.

The feature of “social login” motivates customers to come back because it reduces the hassle of lengthy and forceful signing up. Customers just need to type in their social account info to sign up which they really do enjoy.

Similarly, with a mobile supportive theme design, a large number of mobile users get an option to access your website with mobile and other digital devices. This increases mobile traffic and maximizes the reach of your business to targeted users.


3. OpenCart Social Login

Social login is a feature that allows customers to log in via their social networking accounts like, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.  With too many passwords to remember, customers always look for convenience therefore they prefer returning to sites which offer this facility.

Not only social logins are super convenient but also they encourage authenticity for your brand.

Installing OpenCart Social Login on your store is a great way to boost registrations as it provides ease and convenience.

This extension also allows aggregating your customer data from across the web. With this data businesses will be able to better target their marketing campaigns and make informed business decisions. In addition to it, the aggregation of data also provides increased conversions and traffic for your site.

The sleek, simple and easy to understand User Interface (UI) allows the store manager to control the look and feel of your store with an interactive web based user interface.

To know more about the functionalities of this plugin and the way it functions, you can go to the main product page. Installing any of these extensions is just a matter of few minutes and does not require much technical expertise. If you follow the instructions provided on our manual carefully, you will be able to download it manually. For any other guidance and assistance, we are here to serve you anytime.

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