Magento Master Deal – User Manual

Introduction of Magento Master Deal Extension

1.0 Introduction

The Magento master deal extension by Knowband is one of the best promotional modules that allows the admin to create deals to provide discounts on several products and list them all on one single page so that a customer can view all of the discounted products on one single page instead of browsing on the whole website. Magento deal timer extension allows the store admin to offer time-limited promotion. The Online retailers can now put forward a master deal and enhance the chances of conversions with the help of this boost sale plugin. The Magento deal promotion extension timer increases the effectiveness of the promotions and enables you to sell more.

1.1 Benefit of the Store Admin:

  • The Magento master deal module enables the Magento store admin to enable/disable the deal as his/her need.
  • The Admin can include jQuery if required.
  • The Magento master deal module enables the e-merchant to select the banner position to display the discount product.
  • The Magento product discount extension enables the e-merchant to select the banner type to display the discount product.
  • The Magento deal promotion extension by Knowband allows the store admin to enter the deal text to display on the deal.
  • The Online retailers can customize the look and feel of the deal banner or products.
  • The Magento master deal extension allows the store admin to set the discount amount and expiry duration, (that is, the start and end date) of the sale.With the help of this Magento extension, the admin to create N number of the deal if they want.
  • The Magento deal timer extension enables the store admin to set the priority of the deals.
  • The Admin can set the fixed percentage or fix the price of the master deal.
  • In the statistics tab of this Magento master deal extension, the admin can view the no. of deal products and no of deal product sale.
  • This Magento deal timer extension helps the online retailers to increase the sale of the website.
  • The Magento master deal module is multi-shop supported.
  • The multi-lingual support allows the admin to set the title in multiple languages.
  • This Magento deal promotion extension works flawlessly.
  • This Magento master deal extension is mobile responsive, the customer can view the deal banners or product on the mobile device.
  • This Magento extension reduces the cart abandoned rate of the website.

2.0 Installation

After purchasing the Magento single click checkout extension, you will get the following files as listed below:

1. (contains source code of the extension)
2. User Manual

Follow the following steps for installing Magento One Click Checkout Module:

Download the Magento extension package.
1.Unzip the file.
Magento Master Deal Extesnion
2. Copy all the files and folders of unzipped folder into your store root directory.
3. After copying all the files and folders, clear the cache.
4. Open any page of your store. Magento will install the module at the time of loading any page.
5.In the Admin Panel, go to “System > Knowband Extensions > Masterdeal
To access Magento master deal extension, click on MasterDeal Menu appearing in System Menu navigation menu as shown below.

Magento Master Deal Extesnion

On clicking menu Masterdeal the module for plugin will open. It contains navigational bar at the top, Tab menu at the left and in main content the first Setting tab will display.

Magento Master Deal Extesnion5

3.0 Extension Interfaces

There are two interfaces in this extension. Each interface has a different functionality according to its use. These interfaces are:

A.Admin Panel Interface (Only be accessible by admin/store owner)
B.Front End Interface (accessible to front end user)

Each interface has been described in separate section.

4.0 Admin Panel Settings

Admin Panel Settings contains the 3 tabs for settings.

4.1 General Settings

1. Enable/Disable: To enable the Magento Master Deal Extension, select enable option.

2. Include jQuery File: jQuery i.e. a javascript framework is required for this Magento deal timer extension to work.

Sometimes themes used in Magento already includes it but sometime they do not. If jquery is already included in your theme then deactivate else activate to include it.

4.1.1 Home Page Settings

1. Banner Position: Select a Banner Position on homepage according to your layout. To show banner in main content of homepage then select Main Content Header , for left column select left sidebar and for right column select Right Sidebar.

2. Banner Type : Select Banner type as Banner to set a banner image in home page panel. Otherwise select Product to display some deal products in home page panel.

NOTE: Preview of Banner Image will be available after saving the setting.

3. Panel Text : Enter the text to be display on the header of Home page Panel.

4. Panel Text Color: Select a color for above stated Text.

5. Panel Header Background : Select a color for background of Home Page panels Header.

4.1.2 Deal Page Settings

1. Header Text : Set a text for the header of Deal Page listing all the deal products.

2. Header Text Color: Select Color for the header text.

3. Header Text Background: Select Color for the header text background.

4.1.3 Product Panel Settings:

1. Timer Color: Set a color for the timer on the product panel.

2. Timer Background Color: Select Background Color for the Timer.

3. Hover Effect : Adds a special effect on product panel when mouse hovers on them . To enable this effect select yes.

4. Timer Color: Select color for timer text during hover effect.

5. Background: Select color for Product Panel during hover effect.

4.2 Deal Setting Tab

In this tab you can create, view , edit, delete the deals (i.e. Magento Catalog Price Rules.). You can also use Magento’s default interface to setup the price rules. When you click on the Deal Setting Tab , at first a grid will display listing all the deals. In grid the last column ACTION provide two options:

1. EDIT : On Click of this, the details of deal will displayed where you can also edit the deal.

2. DELETE: On click of this, the corresponding deal will be deleted.

Magento Master Deal Extension

On the right top of the grid , there is button labeled as Create New Deal . On clicking , a form will display to create new deal(i.e Catalog Price Rule).

Magento Master Deal Extension Deal Settings

4.3 Statistics Tab

This Tab show a pie chart describing the no. of deal products(i.e the product having discount under any deal) ordered among all orders during the selected date range.

Magento Master Deal Extension Statistics

You can try Knowband’s Magento Master Deal Extension for on your Magento store. KnowBand’s Magento single click checkout module helps you increase customer engagement to your store and boost the sale in youre eCommerce store.

5.0 Front End

Front End Interface will show the master deal extension with configured settings set through the admin panel of this Magento master deal extension. You can find screenshot below-

Magento Master Deal Extension

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