How can OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module Improve your Sales?

It is difficult to avoid shopping cart abandonments on your online store all together due to the tough business environment. People have numerous reasons that could affect their customer engagement and make them leave a particular site. The mood of the people is very unpredictable and it is difficult to keep them engaged to an online store for a long time. If visitors don’t find the desired product or service on a site, they will not think twice in leaving a site. This gives rise to shopping cart abandonments that can have a severe impact on the business fortunes of your OpenCart store.

Although, there are no guarantee to avoid abandoned carts on an online store but you can take the help of OpenCart Abandoned Cart module from Knowband store for minimizing the effect of this problem. Here are the various features and functionalities of this module that can be a great help for your online store.

Provides quick access to abandoned carts in a single click

In order to recover abandoned carts on a store in a quick manner, you can take your abandoned customers towards their cart with a single click on the email notification. Moreover, they don’t have to add products into their shopping carts from the scratch which saves lot of their time and efforts.

Increases the efficiency of reminder emails through customized email templates

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For informing customers about their pending orders, you need to send them reminder emails at a regular interval of time. Now, with the help of this OpenCart Abandoned Cart module, it is now much easy to make desired customization in your email templates for grabbing maximum customer attention and to recover sales quickly. Store admin can easily add various variables like customer name, product information, discount and other related offers into their reminder emails to improve their overall impact.

Increased freedom for store admin

It is now much easy to reduce abandoned carts on an eCommerce site due to the presence of this feature loaded Abandoned Cart module for OpenCart stores. The module offers a wide range of functionality to store admin like ability to check abandoned carts, customization in email template, view information about abandoned orders and order number, setting the delay time of reminder emails and other such activities. With a wide range of freedom for site admin, it will not be much difficult to improve sales and conversions on your site.

Keeps a track of the abandoned carts on your site

Tracking abandoned carts on your OpenCart store is now much easy with the help of this OpenCart Abandoned cart module. It can provide important information such as number of abandoned carts/orders, order numbers, number of abandoned carts that have been converted and other such details that can help in minimizing the shopping cart abandonments on a site. This module can ensure gold mine of information that can play a critical role in the recovery of abandoned carts.

Don’t just wait and watch to reduce abandoned carts on your site but take the right steps with the help of this OpenCart Abandoned Cart plugin. You have to take the final call by purchasing this OpenCart module from the Knowband store as things won’t fix for themselves. It is just “Now or Never” kind of business opportunity for you. Come and grab this module from our store.

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