A9 Fragrances: One of the UK's Leading Brands | Journey with Knowband

A9 Fragrances: One of the UK’s Leading Brands | Journey with Knowband

England is a country that is famous for its royalty and is highly developed in industrialization for chemical and textile products. England, being one of the major powers in the world, has huge markets for all kinds of industries. The country is famous for its textile and chemical products, whose market is on a very large scale in physical as well as online market. As eCommerce business growth has been remarkable, many offline businesses are moving a part of their business online too.

A9 Fragrances is one of the fastest-growing online businesses in the country with its signature exclusive scents. They have been in this business and have shown exponential business growth, the reason being their premium-class fragrances. The brand is very popular among the elite as the products are classy and exclusive, making them popular among customers.

About A9 Fragrances

A9 Fragrances is a leading brand for perfumes, scents, and other products due to its top-notch quality. The fragrances are long-lasting, exclusive, and lovable to the elite class of users. The fragrances are very popular among users, as the brand has a reputation for high-grade and lasting fragrances. The users can maintain their status and appearance in society, which makes the products extremely popular.

The brand has its roots in London, the capital of the country. Further, they have a combination of eastern and western fragrances, which allows them to have a wide range of products. A9 Fragrances has truly amazing products, including sprays, purely oil-based rolls, and many more.

When it comes to categories, there are five of them available for customers to choose products from. There is also a gift section for gifting purposes. The products for men and women are available in several subcategories. With so many products to choose from, customers have wide-ranging options depending on their needs and preferences.

A9 Fragrances Mobile App by Knowband for Android and iOS Platforms


Apart from the e-commerce website, A9 Fragrances has moved its business to mobile apps. The Knowband for A9 Fragrances Android and iOS app includes many useful features for customers. The mobile apps are handy and provide the users with a great experience, thereby making browsing more fun and easier.

There are some integrations in the mobile app as per the business requirements of A9 fragrances. Moreover, Knowband’s role in these implementations was very crucial for successfully deploying the app with these features. The Knowband team also created the feature of gift set creation, which allows customers to create their product bundles.

The A9 Fragrances app is for the WooCommerce platform, and during the app’s development, the role of the Knowband Mobile App Team was vital. Many customizations are present at both the app and web end to meet the needs of the business. The A9 Fragrances app deployment and numerous customizations from the beginning were possible with the Knowband teams’ assistance.

About WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

About WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Building Android and iOS mobile apps for WooCommerce eCommerce websites are easy with Knowband’s WooCommerce Mobile App Builder. There are several functionalities available in apps created with the WooCommerce App Builder. Also, the plugin provides Flutter-based mobile apps for Android and iOS for eCommerce businesses. A seamless user experience and quick loading times are the features of Flutter-based Android and iOS apps.

Apart from WooCommerce, Knowband provides a mobile app for various eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, and Magento 2, as well as PrestaShop. Thus, Mobile App Builder from Knowband is a great option if you’re not comfortable with coding for the creation of iOS and Android mobile apps. The mobile app builder provided by Knowband does not involve coding for app creation.

What Does A9 Fragrances Think of Knowband?

In the initial phase of the project, we had some custom development requirements, which was possible due to the Knowband App team. Throughout the app development process, we proposed requests for app and web end customizations. Further, the project development and customization completion within the decided period was possible with Knowband. We are looking forward to working with Knowband on some integrations and customizations in the future for our business.

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