Livre-Express: France’s Top-Notch Hyperlocal Marketplace Business!!

Livre-Express: France’s Top-Notch Hyperlocal Marketplace Business!!

The eCommerce industry is well-known for the huge potential for newcomers. It offers various business segment options to new online merchants.

For example, you can start your online website or you can even start your Mobile App based eCommerce business. On the other hand, the other option for eCommerce merchants is to create multi-vendor marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or, Amazon. Although it takes huge efforts and costs to rank the marketplace business in the market. Yet, somehow if you can make a well-known image in the market, it will not take much time to skyrocket your portfolio.

Especially, multi-vendor marketplaces are of 2 types: The first one is a normal marketplace where sellers can register their shops on a particular platform. And can present the same in front of a vast audience. Then there comes the second one.

Hyperlocal Marketplace:

Livre-Express Hyperlocal Marketplace Business

Hyperlocal Marketplace is a kind of multi-vendor marketplace. The normal difference between hyperlocal and standard multi-vendor marketplaces is that the hyperlocal marketplace has its wings spread to a limited area. In other words, hyperlocal marketplaces mainly focus on particular locations.

Instance, Livre-Express is one of the most famous food-based Hyperlocal marketplaces in France.

About Livre-Express:

The Livre-Express is a Prestashop-based Hyperlocal eCommerce marketplace. The brand deals in food, beverages, and groceries categories. Not only Livre-Express is one of the top-ranked hyperlocal businesses in France but also is well known for its variety of sellers.

Along with its products, the Livre-Express hyperlocal marketplace also offers the products of 100+ sellers.

The major advantage of why customers prefer Livre-Express for their food and snack delivery is that. The Prestashop-based Hyperlocal Marketplace offers numerous options for customers to choose from. The customers can choose their favorite products from more than 100 different sellers. They can simply analyze compare and choose the best option for themselves.

What Empowers Livre-Express: Journey with Knowband!!

Livre-Express is an online website based on the Prestashop eCommerce platform. The eCommerce marketplace uses Knowband’s Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Extension for managing the entire sitemap. The Livre-Express offers rich features to customers. For example, the customers can select their live location and check out the sellers which are specifically available for that particular location only.

On top of that, the brand offers same-day delivery to the customer base to fulfill gourmet needs.

Along with the website, the business also offers Flutter-based Android and iOS App to the customers. Thanks to Knowband’s Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App Builder.

Moreover, the brand does exceed the basic features limits of both Hyperlocal and Mobile App Builder addon by tons of customizations.

About Knowband’s Hyperlocal Marketplace and Mobile App!!

As a well-known fact, multi-vendor marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart combined rule over one-third of the entire eCommerce market. Following the same, the marketplace segment is one of the most potential ones in the eCommerce industry. On the hand, hyperlocal marketplaces are becoming the modern trend in the market. Why? Because people’s lifestyles are getting busier and they are getting less time for shopping for their daily needs. Thus, the same factor is building the need for hyperlocal marketplaces in the eCommerce industry.

For the same reason, Knowband Offers a Hyperlocal marketplace module for the Prestashop platform. Not only just the module but also, eCommerce merchants can launch their white-labeled mobile App with Knowband’s Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App Maker.

Moreover, it takes zero coding and technical knowledge to turn your single-vendor Prestashop store into a fully channeled Hyperlocal Marketplace.  

What’s Livre-Express Says about Knowband: Customer Feedback!!

What’s Livre-Express Says about Knowband: Customer Feedback

These guys are awesome. I am familiar with Java but not PHP at all. The technical guys have supported me from the begging to the end. Planning to purchase some customizations and other modules may be.

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