Flipkart’s new eCommerce App Shopsy for Local Enterprises


‘Shopsy’ is a new app launched by Flipkart, a Walmart-owned company that will help local entrepreneurs to use their networking and set up their own business. Flipkart is an Indian marketplace with 15 crore products that include fashion, beauty, mobiles, and homes offered by several sellers across the platform. On Shopsy App, all  Flipkart products are listed for people who want to start a business with their local networking.

Flipkart thrives to democratize e-commerce in India, along with accessibility and affordability, they delight customers, create lakhs of jobs in the ecosystem, and empower generations of entrepreneurs and MSMEs. The innovative ideas presented by Flipkart company have inspired small businesses in many ways.

How Shopsy App Works?

Based on a recent announcement, let us understand how the Shopsy app works and what revenue model is being followed:

Shopsy is an app that works on a commission-based revenue model. It is easy to register and start earning and for that, you just have to follow three simple steps:

  1. Firstly, download and register with Shopsy, there you can explore the 15 crore products
  2. Secondly, Share the handpicked products using the WhatsApp share option and Facebook share
  3. Finally, if anyone likes the product, place an order on their behalf on Shopsy App and earn the commission.

Benefits of Shopsy App

With few clicks, local entrepreneurs can use their networks to earn money without making any extra efforts.

The process is very simple and does not require you to manage the inventory, logistics, or shipping. Many local businesses selling online come across logistic issues and trust issues from customers.

While purchasing on a new platform, customers have trust issues. But, Flipkart is a brand that has established its name in the topmost marketplaces in India hence; it is easier for small businesses to get over these challenges.

Anyone with a good social network on WhatsApp and Facebook can earn a good amount by selling through Flipkart’s Shopsy App.

Common digital commerce problems and solutions

Along with this, there are other digital commerce problems that newbies are facing and to resolve that, we have some ultimate solutions.

Website development: Developing a website with beautiful design and configuration is a daunting task. KnowBand, with ten years of industry experience, provides eCommerce website development services all over the world. Get in touch!

Marketplace: for instance, if you are looking forward to developing a marketplace, here is a guide for beginners. You can download the multi-vendor marketplace app and start a new marketplace.

Hyperlocal Marketplace: A marketplace that only allows local delivery! Start selling services or groceries to your local customers online with the Hyperlocal Marketplace plugin. The plugin works on two factors: Geolocation and time.

Mobile app: The mobile application plugins are cost-effective and allow you to create your mobile app just by installing the plugin. The app versions are available for both iOS and Android. Here is the free mobile app to give you an idea of how it works.

If you want to allow customers to share your products on Facebook then there is a way you can motivate them. Offer Facebook Share and Win feature on your product page and win more new potential buyers.

In conclusion, the Shopsy App is a crazy startup by Flipkart, giving an exclusive opportunity to people with good networking. What is stopping you? Make better use of networks and start selling today to earn profits as commission.

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