Cache: An eCommerce Store Taking Over the Market on the Mexican Continent

Cache: An E-commerce Store Taking Over the Market on the Mexican Continent

The e-commerce industry is constantly expanding as it encourages new businesses to try out their business ideas. Online business owners are usually flooded with ideas for the business, and they need a platform for the business.

Online merchants can set up their businesses on multi-vendor marketplaces. The marketplace is also of two types; one is the general one, which is available to everyone selling clothes, electronics, etc. Further, there is also a hyperlocal marketplace that provides its services to specific areas, only selling items like dairy, grocery, fruits, etc. Cacheshop is one of the leading marketplaces and has its base in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Depending on the business requirements, the sellers choose the type of marketplace and set it up online for the customers. Marketplaces like eBay and Etsy are also good options. Apart from that, Google Shopping is also a useful plugin for listing products on Google. It looks like a huge task to set up and rank your market, but with dedicated efforts and planning, you can build a reputation for your brand.

About Cacheshop

The Cache Shop is an e-commerce multivendor marketplace for the PrestaShop platform. The store is among the top-ranked marketplaces on the Mexican continent and is spreading its wings in the e-commerce market and holding its place among the top brands. The brand is well known for its variety of products from a diverse range of sellers.

The Cacheshop has several categories with a huge variety of products for its customers. The customers choose to take service from the brand as it has a good name in the market and is famous for its superior quality of products. The business sought to build a connection between the sellers and the buyers in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

The transparency of the brand is very much appreciated by the sellers, as it lets them know the product sales cycle at each step. They have authenticity and legality, which is clear from their store policies.

Cacheshop: Exponential Business Growth with Knowledge

Cacheshop: Exponential Business Growth with Knowledge

The brand uses Knowband’s vendor marketplace plugin for Prestashop. Furthermore, cache shop is based on the PrestaShop platform and manages the entire marketplace with Knowband’s plugin. Moreover, this brand offers several functionalities to the sellers, such as managing and setting up the products and importing and exporting them. The admin can manage the sellers, commissions, and other aspects using the features of the Knowband Marketplace plugin. 

There were numerous customizations done by the Knowband team to meet the business requirements of the brand. Further, some of the customizations were things like exporting all the bank wire details in one file, displaying customer addresses to sellers, etc. The Cache Shop is no average online marketplace, as it has loads of custom features implemented with the help of Knowband.

Multivendor Marketplace Plugin for Knowband

Multivendor Marketplace Plugin for Knowband

The term “multi-vendor marketplace” is used to describe an online store where customers can purchase goods from many sellers. Further, a wider selection of goods from various vendors who are in charge of inventory, pricing, product details, and delivery is possible. Multi-vendor marketplaces are popular among businesses because they are easy to manage.

Knowband’s Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides options for membership, scheduled payments for merchants, a page for vendor registration, and many other options. Additionally, the suppliers can manage each of their products with the help of a specific seller portal and dashboard.

Hence, the Knowband Multi-vendor plugin is the go-to option for the management of an online marketplace.

What Cache-Store Thinks of Knowband

What Cache-Store Thinks of Knowband

The service they give to their customers is just awesome. They were always there in case of any assistance and took on custom development services too, which was impressive. I hope to work with them again on other projects and will connect soon for some business-specific customizations.

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