PWA For Magento 2: Grow Your Business With This Readymade Tool


It’s 2020 & by now most online businesses have realized the importance of mobile applications. Mobile devices, especially smartphones, always remain switched on & connected to the internet & more importantly, they are in quick reach of the smartphone users. For businesses, this makes mobile devices the best medium to be present.

Based on a report by Statista, the global average percentage of online shoppers, who used their mobile devices to shop online, was 52%. This clearly states the urgency to provide a better shopping experience on mobile devices. Native Mobile Applications & Progressive Web Apps are a great solution to this.


Out of these, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have been around for only 5 years now but in just a short amount of time, they have gained huge popularity among smartphone users as well as businesses. Upon transitioning to PWA, almost every eCommerce business has reported an exponential increase in conversion rates, app downloads & a lot more. You can check out the reports of Starbucks, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. for your reference.

Building & launching is indeed very convenient for e-merchants now because of technological advancements & automated tools. In this write-up, we will elaborate on how you can also grow your eCommerce business, built on Magento 2, using a readymade tool.

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Creator extension is that ultimate tool. Whether you have a single-vendor Magento 2 website or a multi-vendor Magento 2 website, you can easily use this PWA maker tool on your website to automatically build a PWA Mobile App for your online store.

Doesn’t it seem magical? Well, it’s just the perfect use of web technologies.

How Does A Magento PWA Mobile App Builder Tool Work?


Just like any other Magento 2 extension, this PWA Maker tool is also a Magento 2 extension. Upon installing this extension on a Magento 2 website, it builds a customizable PWA derived from the data of that website. This keeps both the website & the PWA in live synchronization with each other.

Speaking of a customizable PWA, the Magento 2 PWA Maker tool provides the store-admins with various easy-to-use editing tools on the backend using which they can customize their PWA while it’s live. There is no need to worry about any downtime. Also, on the user-end, all the best & latest UI/ UX elements are equipped to provide an excellent user experience.

How Can Netizens Install A PWA?

Progressive Web Apps aren’t published in any of the app stores. Instead, they are made live on the website (on which this extension is installed). This means whenever netizens visit such a PWA active mobile-website, they are greeted with an ‘Add-To-HomeScreen’ popup at the bottom of the screen. Once they click it, the PWA automatically gets installed on their mobile device & appears to work just like any other mobile app on the mobile device.

How Store Owners Can Launch A PWA Using The Magento 2 PWA Builder?

Step 1: Purchase the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Creator extension.

Step 2: Install this extension on your Magento 2 website.

Step 3: Fill the app pre-requisite form & review your app before making it live on your mobile website.

Features Of The Magento 2 PWA Builder Plugin:


#1. Simplified PWA Admin Panel:

The store owners and admins can easily configure their PWA App, set its color theme, logo, design the home-page layout, & do a lot more without a hassle. For their home-page, they can use any of the predefined components (like sliders, banners, product blocks, countdown-timer banner, etc.), configure it & rearrange them the way they want.

#2. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Store admins can send an unlimited number of push notifications to their app users and keep them engaged. Admins can also send personalized notifications & also automate & schedule some of the common ones like the abandoned cart notifications, order status notification. Admins can also use relevant graphics and catchy messages with desired redirect links on your Push Notifications.

#3. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support:

The Magento 2 PWA App built using this tool supports multiple currencies and multiple languages including RTL scripts like Arabic, Persian, etc. The Progressive Web Apps are capable of expanding your business reach across borders simply without any additional effort. 

#4. Offline Accessibility:

By default, the Progressive Web Apps support offline access. Because of data caching, PWA Apps work even when the app user is offline or under slow internet connection.

#5. All Payment & Shipment Methods:

All of the payment and shipment methods active on your Magento 2 website will automatically be active and fully functional on your Magento 2 PWA App.

#6. Social Login & Quick Sharing:

App users can easily onboard your Magento 2 PWA App with hassle-free social login options i.e. via Facebook & Google accounts. The PWA App built using this readymade tool also has a quick sharing link on the product pages. App users can hence easily share their choice of products on any of their social media handles.

#7. Order Tracking:

App users can also track all of their active orders and stay updated with the status of their order’s delivery. Any changes/ updates in the status of the order instantly reflect on the app & in the form of an order status push notification.

#8. Quick Login Options:

With traditional E-mail sign up & login options, the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App comes with inbuilt Google and Facebook login allowing users to seamlessly access the app in no time.

#9. Customizable Home Screen:

The PWA mobile app for Magento 2 comes with a customizable home screen whose layout can be designed from the admin panel. The store admin gets to craft and makes changes in the home screen as per any festival, sales or any other occasion.

Check all the features in detail from here.


Apart from just having a mobile-optimized eCommerce website &/or native mobile application (on the app store), having a PWA gives businesses more opportunity to reach all kinds of audiences with fewer efforts. With the use of a powerful ready-made tool like the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder, building, launching & managing a PWA becomes a thousand times more convenient than building one from scratch.

So why wait longer? If you have a Magento 2 website for which you need a PWA, reach out to our experts at or simply own your PWA maker tool from the Knowband e-store.

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