[Version 2.0.2 Released] New Features Added To PrestaShop Mobile Apps

Having all the latest features in a mobile app is something that every business is concerned about these days. The same is the case with eCommerce businesses too. To cater to the app users in the best possible way, shopping apps must be laced with the latest features as they help improve the UI & UX of the app.

For PrestaShop, a popular open-source eCommerce platform, mobile applications have become more efficient now. With the addition of 3 new features described below, KnowBand Plugins have rejuvenated their PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module.

Simple Steps To Launch A PrestaShop Mobile App:

1. Purchase PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module.

2.  Fill the app pre-requisite form. (We need these details to create apps)

3. Review your final app before confirm to publishing it on the app stores.

Note: We only publish apps with your developer accounts (Google Play and Apple App store) without any extra charges at our end.

Quick Glance to New Feature Additions:

#1. ‘Add-To-Cart’ Quick Access:


This new feature adds the ‘Add-To-Cart’ button on the Category Page & also on the Home-Page wherever product blocks are used. This way, app users won’t have to open the individual product pages in order to add that product to their cart. App users can quickly add their choice of products from the category or home-page.

Now, the user can simply browse the app and keep on adding products into cart seamlessly.


On an eCommerce product page, one great way to motivate the customers’ to shop more is to show some products related to the main product on that page. To serve this purpose, now the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is compatible with our Automatic Related Products module.

Now, it’s way simple to showcase related products on both website and apps and improve revenue through cross-selling.

#3.  Product Reviews and Ratings:


On the product page, app users can rate the products & write & submit their product reviews. Upon approval, they are displayed on the product page so that others can view it for reference. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is compatible with the default Product Comments Module.

Now, showcase user reviews & ratings for products on app and motivate new buyers for more purchases.

Compatibility With Other PrestaShop Modules:

1. Multi-vendor Marketplace Module:


With the use of this module, store owners can easily transition their single-vendor PrestaShop App to a multi-vendor PrestaShop App. Because the Mobile App Builder module is compatible with the Marketplace module (both by KnowBand Plugins), all of the processes are automatic. All you need to do is install the marketplace module on your PrestaShop website.

Having a marketplace allows the store owner to have multiple sellers on his/her store, each with a unique vendor panel. Store owners can sell their own products too on a marketplace & also make profits by taking commissions from the vendors.

–> Check out combo pack of (Multi-vendor Marketplace + Mobile App) below:

2. Booking & Rental Module:


This module by KnowBand allows eCommerce stores to have all the functionalities & layout of a booking or a rental app/ website. Now, this module is also compatible with the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module by KnowBand.

–> Check out combo pack of (Booking and Rental + Mobile App) below:

3. Image Search Module:


The Image Search module allows the app user to search for products of your e-store using any reference image that they either clicked with their phone camera or using any reference image from their phone’s gallery. You can also enable this feature automatically in your PrestaShop App by installing this module on your PrestaShop website.

–> Check out Image Search Module from below:

4.‘Spin & Win’ Module:


Using this module, store owners can show a ‘spin & win’ discount wheel which the customers can spin to avail any one of the discounts mentioned on the pie wheel. Enable this feature on your PrestaShop App by installing this ‘Spin & Win’ module on your PrestaShop website & configure it & then simply set its toggle switch to ‘ON’ (from the App Builder module).

–> Check out Spin-win module from below link:


This PrestaShop module, by KnowBand, displays a list of products related to the main product (on the product page). When an app user is shopping for a particular product, he/she will be able to see related products when they scroll down on that product page. Equip your PrestaShop Mobile App with this feature by simply installing the ‘Related Products’ module on your PrestaShop website.

–> Check out Related Products from below link:

Now that all the new features, compatible modules & installation steps are covered, let’s take a look at core features of the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module & learn how it can benefit your business.

Core Features & Benefits Of The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder:


#1. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support:

This app maker module is great for businesses who are willing to launch a PrestaShop App that supports multiple languages & currencies. It can help with localization & even with expansion to multiple countries.

#2. DIY Home-Page Editor:

This feature allows the store admins to design their app’s homepage without having to code. All the tools provided in the DIY Homepage editor of this module are easy-to-use. Admins can add, rearrange & configure various components like sliders, banners, grids, recent product tab, count-down timer, etc. Admins can make multiple layouts & enable anyone of them at a time. This again saves them from designing at the last moment.

Regularly updated & re-designed homepage keeps the app users engaged & allows the business to display the most relevant & in-trend content on their homepage.

#3. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Your app users who have enabled push notifications on your app will be able to receive the notifications that you (admin) create & send from the backend of this PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module.
There is no limitation with this module because store admins can send an unlimited number of push notifications to their app users. Push notifications help to re-engage the app users & remind them about any abandoned cart items, order status, upcoming sale & its benefits & a lot more.

#4. Offline Mode Working:

The PrestaShop Mobile Apps are made to work in offline mode as well i.e. under slow internet or no internet connectivity. Online shoppers get to browse apps with pre-loaded screens without actually needing the internet.

#5. Admin Panel Control:

The mobile apps for PrestaShop can be fully controlled by the friendly admin panel. The store admin can make a few clicks and button toggles and make the app work as per the requirement. The flexibility and customizable options with this extension make it the most preferred choice for store owners.

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