10 Ways to Market your Deals and Offers This Summer


It’s been said that consumers spend less time on the web during summer and eventually do less online shopping, but these are just self-induced beliefs. While marketing and promotion campaigns keep changing with seasons, summer makes a perfect season and opportunity to provide your customers with the best deals and offers. 

Coming up with different promotional ideas for your business during this summer will not only help you achieve high sales but would also make your brand stand out from the rest. In today’s post, I have put forward 10 summer promotion and marketing ideas.

1. Launch a New Product or Service


Launching a new item or service while marking the beginning of a beautiful summer season to attract new customers is an amazing summer promotion idea. By bringing in the new collection at the beginning of summer, and by making your new products or services occasionally themed, you can grab the attention of both your existing customers and new visitors.

2. Announce a Summer Solstice Party


Summer is an energizing season to celebrate- the days get longer, the climate gets hotter, the beverages get colder, and people want to beat the heat! The primary day of summer, called as the summer solstice, is an ideal time to set up a gathering. 

Offering free tastes and nibbles, a seashore themed photo booth, or a little inflatable pool loaded up with treats at your gathering is an incredible method to allure your crowd to shop at your business. Run a giveaway at your gathering with free products or services.

3. Run contests on Facebook or Instagram


Your customers will be scrolling Instagram and Facebook this summer. Use this to your advantage by hosting a contest. Ask your new and existing customers to send in their extraordinary summer shots.

Set a unique hashtag and ask users to post pictures using the same. Reward the ones with the most unique and interesting post. This is a great way to create user-generated content and boost your brand visibility on the platform.

4. Offer free shipping


Free shipping is one of the best strategies to boost your sales. It can allure even the most solidified customers to tap the buy button.

An effective method to run this offer during this summer is by using an exit-intent popup. As a visitor tries to leave your website after adding the product to the cart, trigger a message with a “Free Shipping” offer to encourage the shoppers to purchase.

5. Create a “summer products” bundle


Check your inventory and make a list of the products that shoppers are most likely to purchase during the summer season. Offer the bundle at a slightly lesser price than the sum of the individual cost of those items. This increases your average order value and creates a win-win situation for you as well as your customers.

6. Reward your VIP/Loyal Customers


You need to keep your loyal customers happy, here’s a fruitful way. Run a late spring email showcasing thankfulness to your VIP or loyal customers for being so loyal to your brand.

By means of email, offer them a coupon code or a freebie, an enticing discount, or a price drop exclusively for them. Possibly you can do this for seven days in a row, offering discounts on different categories and products.

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7. Partner-up with other businesses


Contact your industry friends! Summer is a calmer season for online retailers and the best time of the year for some experimentation. So utilize this time and opportunity to connect with non-contending accomplices to throw a few thoughts around, and check whether there are open doors for a commonly useful business association.

8. Have a Seasonal Sale


While many associate sales with the retail business, a seasonal deal is an extraordinary summer promotion thought for any small to mid business.

Offering discounts and deals throughout the late spring months will help attract new customers, hold old ones, and help spread positive brand mindfulness. Offering a summer season referral program, where a current customer gets a reward when they refer other people, is another approach to incentivize those customers to do word-of-mouth for your brand and bring their friends to your website.

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9. Temperature-based Deals


Customers consistently appreciate a movement where they can win prizes or coupons, and the climate makes for an ideal chance! Select a day where the climate is truly problematic and offer an unconditional present with buy on the off chance that it comes to over a specific degree that day. For instance, if it is normally just around 35 degrees in May where you are found, offer an unconditional present with buy on the off chance that it comes to around 40.

10. Have a Back-To-School Sale


While the school year may appear to be far away, some of the parents have started getting ready a long time ahead of time. Tossing a class kickoff deal is a compelling summer promotional strategy for any industry, and will draw in anybody hoping to set aside some cash. Offering extra discounts for teachers and students will also bring you sales. 

Final word

Summer is an ideal season to capitalize on the warm climate and inundation of vacationers! Utilize these 10 summer promotional and marketing ideas and strategies for your eCommerce or retail business to help drive more offers and boost brand awareness throughout the summer season.

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