How eCommerce Mobile Apps enhance Customer Loyalty?


The revolution in the mobile app space has created a significant buzz in our lives. Almost every sector has been digitized with the impact of mobile apps & the eCommerce industry isn’t an exception to this. After online commerce, mobile commerce has changed the perception of how users shop products these days. Various research & studies are confirming the fact that users prefer eCommerce mobile app & are more loyal to that as compared to desktop websites. The simple factor behind it is that the users get all relevant product information at their fingertips.


Mobile commerce & customer loyalty go hand-in-hand. When it comes to bonding of your online store with worldwide users, mobile apps are the best solution. Those days are gone when marketing through websites was enough to bring potential users to your store. Currently, mobile apps are the bridge between your business & the user. Technically, an app takes your store straight to user’s pockets, compel them to browse & purchase products.

Here, I am discussing a few points which will hopefully clear the value of launching mobile shopping apps. Read them:

#1 Keep users updated about latest happenings

In online shopping, the users are always keen to get the best products at reasonable prices. If you can adapt this strategy, it will make a huge impact on your sales. At times, the users keep on spending their valuable time in searching best offers. Don’t let them struggle. Try to keep them fully notified & updated about the best deals on your store along with upcoming sale or offers. You can even let specific users pre-sales offer before it’s available in general.

Marketing store deals & offers is much easier with a handy push notification tool. It not only builds your brand reputation but also notifies users about the offers even when they are not using the app. The personalized push notifications will deliver the right information to the users & compel them for instant purchase.

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#2 Personalize App Home Screen for better Experience:

The home screen has its importance for a shopping app as the basis interaction begins here only. Try to highlight daily deals, best offers, new arrivals, seasonal discounts, etc. with attractive banners & graphics. This will compel the users to browse the selected product grouping & has the high chances of successful purchase as well. The store admin can even go for Flash Sale or Timer sale to create the necessary spark.

More you personalize the app, more it gets able to connect with users. The users even feel more valued with the availability and ease of everything required. Keep other screens of your app simple & intuitive offering better user experience gaining customer loyalty in return.

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#3 Offer Discount Coupons & Rewards to boost sales

Coupons had been a strengthening factor in increasing the conversion rate of your online store. That too for the long past back. It will also work with mobile apps. Make sure the coupons running on your website also work on mobile apps & allow users to avail the valid discount. It will even reduce the rate of cart abandonment.

Everyone around us loves to get a price drop or something extra while shopping products. You can use your mobile app to build the right strategy for that. Offer reward points for their previous purchases or let them earn points by app referral system. It will also invite other users to your app & will maintain a sense of excitement about the purchase.

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#4 Provide 24*7 User Support to gain trust

Customer interaction is a must for an online business. Often, the users need some sort of confirmation or having doubts before making payment. We should have a relevant medium to curb out their queries. Mobile Apps are the best suited for this job. They allow the users to directly contact you with inbuilt WhatsApp or Zopim chat options.

The prompt response to their queries will make them satisfied & increase customer engagement as well. Moreover, it brings you the best chance to improve user retention & gain loyalty. This is also one of the leading factors behind satisfactory feedback for your products.

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#5 Strengthen your positive brand image

The mobile apps improve the visibility & reach of your online store & thus strengthen your brand presence worldwide. Nowadays all the leading eCommerce giants are majorly accessed through their mobile apps. That big is the scope of mobile apps in today’s market branding.

Your app icon in the user’s devices, brand logo in apps makes sure that whenever users browse the mobile, your app will notify them about the brand. Keeping all your online store details readily available for users, the mobile apps form a positive image for your brand improving user retention & loyalty.

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With the above-discussed points, it must have been clear that mobile Commerce app can be a potential source of engagement & loyalty for your eCommerce business. It connects well with the right audience & hits where it should. Thus, to build strong user-base with increased revenues, creating an eCommerce mobile app should be your very next move.


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