PrestaShop Product Customizer

Prestashop Product Customizer

“Allow customization/personalization on your store products by offering a design panel to your customers on the product page with the help of PrestaShop Product Customizer, also referred to as Product Designer.”

You would have often seen people having personalized mobile cases, t-shirts, pillows, mugs, etc. This is what we call as Product Customization where people can customize a product as per their desire.

Earlier, the customization services were mainly available in the offline market but now, it has caught the attention in the online eCommerce market as well. People are looking for brands that offer product customization facility.

Following the interest of people towards product customization, Knowband has introduced the Product Customizer module that helps online businesses provide product customization facility to their customers.

PrestaShop Product Customizer/Designer is a great way to enhance the shopping experience of the users by providing them with some wonderful customization features.

Key Features of PrestaShop Product Customizer

Here is what our PrestaShop Product Designer addon offers:

1. Merchants can add pre-existing templates for the customers. If the user likes it, he or she can easily pick and place the image on the product they want to customize.

Or merchants can simply let the customers put their preferred picture on the product.

2. With PrestaShop Product Customization module, merchants can allow their customers to pick the desired colour from a number of colour options to adjust the look and feel of the product.

3. Allow customers to place a text on the product. You can add as many font styles as you want for some unique and attractive text appearance.

PrestaShop Product Customizer

4. When the product customization is done, customers can preview it in the cart and also download its PDF.

Note: These options are available under the basic module configuration. The product customization conditions can be set up by visiting Catalogs>Products

Once you have added the products to your website from the back-end, you can perform tons of customization for every different product, from the Products tab. From there, the admin can

1. Specify whether the product should be available for customization or not.

2. Specify the maximum image upload size.

3. Set a price for the image placement on the product.

4. Allow customers to download the PNG file of the customized product.

5. Allow resizing and rotation of the text.

6. Allow customers to add a QR code on the product.

7. Display image filters

8. Set a price to add text

9. Enable cost per character

10. Set the price to add QR

11. Set a fixed price for the complete customization

12. Enable/Disable the text block on the customization page.

13. Set a minimum and maximum text length.

14. Allow text transparency and curve

15. Allow customization on different sides of a product. For example, in the case of a t-shirt, you can enable customization for either sides or both.

Final Word

With plenty of customization features, PrestaShop Product Customizer makes it the best fit to offer product customization to your users.

If you face any issue in this module or have any query regarding this, you can contact us anytime at

Click here to visit the Product Page. Take a complete tour of the module by testing out the admin demo and the front demo. You can also refer to the user manual for any confusion.

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