Top-notch strategies to rule Mobile App Market in the year 2019


Mobile App Marketing is a way of introducing your Mobile Application to users through various platforms and techniques. The major aim behind marketing through the various app markets is to target the ideal audience for your mobile application. Moreover, the mobile app markets have seen immense growth in the past few years. This brings all the latest and upcoming trends come knocking at its door. For all the developers or freelancers who have an idea regarding the mobile app or already developed one should look forward to the marketing approach. As of today, the app industry has billions of running apps. This increases the possibility for your app to be lost if it failed to catch up with new advancements. Read on to find out the major ones in detail.

Importance of Mobile App Marketing!

This era is the era of mobile apps. This makes the mobile app marketing the need of the hour if you really want your app to establish its mark. The app markets let you introduce your Mobile Application among all the worldwide users and even encourage them to download the Mobile Application as well. Audience analysis is also the major factor behind the popularity of Mobile App Marketing. It is very important to understand the kind of audience you want to target for your app. For instance, If you’re planning to launch your gaming app, you would definitely go for the teenagers and children. You would not target the 40+ audience for your app.

Moreover, the importance of mobile app marketing isn’t stopping anywhere soon. With the parallel growth in the mobile app market and mobile users, any milestone could be overpowered in the upcoming time. Following stats strengthen this thought of mine:

A report says that the total number of smartphones users will reach 3.8 Billion by the year 2021 and imagine where it could lead the mobile app markets then!


Mobile Apps have always been the highlight due to the latest technologies and advancements followed with them. The step by step growth in the mobile app industry also welcomes the new trends with open arms. Here, I have discussed some top picks for the year 2019:

1. App Store Optimization:


The optimization of App Stores is the first one to make up to the list. Many marketing experts are giving hints that this trend will take over in the coming year. Actually, App Store Optimization is a technique to analyze the apps in the app ocean and to display the most relevant and popular ones to the users.  We all are aware of the SEO for Google. App Store Optimization is quite similar to it where App Stores rank your application. The right keyword for your app is the key to perfect optimization of your app. It also depends on the reviews and downloads of your apps, Thus, if your App ranks well in the store, the number of downloads will tend to increase. This makes this trend a silver bullet for the growth of your app in multiple ways.

2. Social Media Advertisements:


No one can deny the power of social media. Social media platforms bring a sheer number of potential users to your app. This is an efficient way to advertise your app on social media and achieve maximum downloads from a single place.  Also, social media platforms provide various ranges of audiences including every age group and interest. Thus, social media advertising is an effective tactic to boost your app growth.

3. Spreading the word:


Spread the loud word for your app. The growth of your app depends on how you tell the users about it. Often, digital frauds happen in the market and the users get afraid to download your app. So, you must make sure that the right information is being spread among the audience. This technique may seem a bit common but it is the pillar behind gaining the user’s trust in your app.

4. User Targeting:


Audience analysis is the prime factor for your app growth. It is very important for you to know how and where you can target the users. We should understand that the interest of the audience before actually beginning its promotion.  Audience analysis is a very important tactic if you don’t want to let your efforts waste. Moreover, you can even target the users by their age-group, location, and multiple platforms.

How growth of mobile apps is readdressing eCommerce industry?

Welcome to the year 2019. Mobile Apps have already taken over the eCommerce world and is still growing. We all use mobile phones for every day-to-day work and most of all for product purchase. Taking your eCommerce store to the user’s pockets would definitely be the booster for sales and conversion.

Nowadays there are various automated solutions to take your online website to the mobile platform which comes with a configurable admin panel. The store owners can easily control the designing and functioning of the mobile app. KnowBand has brought various readymade modules to provide you featured eCommerce app in no time. All you need to do is to get the module for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify and share your requirements. That’s all for you! Now, you just sit back and relax instead of indulging in any sort of coding or technical skills.



Now, this should be crystal clear that app marketing is a very critical component behind the success of your app. So, now in 2019 instead of just developing the app and hoping it to get successful, adopt the above-listed strategies and boost the number of downloads. All the mobile apps who made their mark in the past had a very strong marketing strategy behind them.

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