Magento Etsy Integration – Step by step guide to configure module

In this present era, being an eCommerce store owner is not a cake walk. They have to keep an eye on the competition growing everyday in this industry. So it’s really important to provide your business a platform in the form of marketplace which will help you to increase the sales of your eCommerce store.
Etsy is one of the most successful and renowned marketplaces which allow people to buy and sell products worldwide.

Knowband offers Etsy Magento Integration extension which provides an effective approach to integrate the Etsy marketplace with their Magento webstore. The Etsy Magento connector addon integrates your eCommerce store with the Etsy marketplace by using the Etsy API. After successful integration, you can update and list your products on the Etsy marketplace from the back-end of this integrator even without even visiting the marketplace.

Etsy Magento module allows sellers to upload products in bulk, thus reduce the chances of the errors which occur during manual listing.  Sellers have the feature to manage the inventory and orders from the Magento admin panel.

Etsy Marketplace Integration- Seller Account Setup

Please follow the procedure listed below to create an account on Etsy marketplace.

  1. Goto the link
  2. Click on the “Open your Etsy Shop” button
  3. Click on the “Register” tab
  4. Fill up all the required details in the registration form and click on “Register”. It would create your seller account and send a verification email to the provided email address.
  5. The verification email will contain a link which will redirect to the setup your shop preferences. Enter all the required details like – Shop Preferences and Name your shop, Stock your shop, How you will get paid and Set up Billing to open your seller account.

Etsy Marketplace Integration- Setup an App

You need to create an App on Etsy Marketplace to establish a connection between Magento Store and Etsy Seller Account. Please follow steps to create an App on Etsy –

  1. Go to the link (It would open a page where a form will be shown with few input fields as shown below)

Etsy App

Enter all the mandatory details in the form to register your App on Etsy marketplace and you can see your API details as below:

Etsy API

Admin Interface

Admin Panel Settings contains the 8 tabs for settings.

  1. General Settings
  2. Shipping
  3. Order Settings
  4. Profile Management
  5. Product Listing
  6. Order Listing
  7. Synchronization
  8. Audit Log

Steps to configure module:

General Settings:

  • Install the module and click on the General Settings tab to connect your Magento store with Etsy Marketplace

Magento Etsy Integrator General Settings

  • Enter all the required details in the General Settings field and follow the instructions.

General Settings Field Options

Shipping Templates:

  • Now add shipping templates to enable shipping methods on Etsy Marketplace. Please refer to the next slide to see how to enter required details in Shipping Template fields.

Shipping Template Add New

  • Enter all the required details in the Etsy Shipping Templates.

Shipping Template Entries

  • Now add the shipping entries for the selected shipping template.

Shipping Entries

  • Enter all the required details in the shipping entries fields.

Shipping EntriesOrder Setting:

  • Order Settings tab helps map store order statuses with Etsy Marketplace order statuses. This will be used for capturing orders details from Etsy Marketplace. For mapping the orders from the Etsy Marketplace to the Magento store, you need to execute the Order cron in the Synchronization tab.

Etsy Magento Integrator Order Setting

Profile Management:

  • Now create a profile to list products to Etsy Marketplace. Sellers can create multiple profiles to sync the products in bulk with the option to select different shipping options.

Profile Management OptionProduct Listing:

  • Admin can check the status of the listed products by clicking the “Product Listing” option.

Etsy Magento Module Product ListingSynchronization: 

  • Country/Region Synchronization: Before creating the shipping templates please make sure to sync the country/region by clicking the “Sync Countries/Regions” only after that countries and regions will be added to the database.
  • Shipping Template Synchronization: Before creating the New Profil please make sure to sync the shipping templates by clicking the “Sync Shipping Templates Listing” only after that shipping template entries will be visible in the profile’s shipping template section.
  • Products Synchronization: Make sure to Sync the products after creating a profile only after that selected products under the newly created profile will get listed on the Etsy store. Admin can also check the status of the listed products under the section “Product Listing”. All the listed products will show the status as “Listed”.
  • Product Variations Synchronization: To list the variation products to Etsy marketplace please make sure to click the “Sync Products Variations Listing” only after that variation products will get listed in the Etsy marketplace. Otherwise, these variations product will show the status as “Pending”. After successful sync listing status for these products will be changed to the Listed.
  • Orders Synchronization: Use the Sync Order Listing button to sync Etsy store orders to the Magento Admin. After successful synchronization, you can see the Etsy store order under the Order Listing tab.
  • Order Status Synchronization: Admin can modify the status of Etsy orders which have already synchronized to the Admin panel. On clicking the “Update Order Status on Etsy” order status will get updated on the Etsy store also.  
  • Language Synchronization: To add the product description in another language admin need to use the “Sync Translations“.

Etsy Magento Synchronization

Order Listing:

  • To synchronize the Etsy marketplace orders to the Magento store admin panel first admin needs to synchronize the order listing as explained in the order synchronization above. After that, all the Etsy store order can be modified from the Magento store admin.

Order list sync

  • After modifying the order status for the orders synchronized to Magento admin panel, admin can update the order status for these Etsy orders by clicking the “Order Status Synchronization” option in the Synchronization tab.

Audit Log:

  • Admin can use the Audit Log tab to keep the track of the tasks performed.

By following the procedure explained above sellers can easily sale their Magento store products to the Etsy marketplace in a hassle-free manner.

Please click on the link below to purchase this Magento Etsy Marketplace Integration.

For more details regarding the listing process and how this module works, please refer to the video below:

For any query regarding the module please feel free to contact us.

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