What does PrestaShop 1.7 brings for its eCommerce customers?

What does PrestaShop 1.7 brings for its eCommerce customers? | Knowband

PrestaShop is one such platform that has generated a lot of buzz and excitement in a short span of time due to its amazing features and functionalities. This eCommerce platform has grabbed the immediate attention of various PrestaShop site owners and has been adding new functionalities with every stable PrestaShop release. In order to offer more exciting features to eCommerce customers, PrestaShop is about to arrive with the new PrestaShop 1.7 version which is currently under the development phase. Its trial version PrestaShop Beta 1 is however available for the download at this link.

This latest release aims to change the eCommerce business scenario with a lot of exciting new features and functionalities. If you are still working with the older version of PrestaShop platform, it is time to upgrade your online store for this latest PrestaShop 1.7 version. It is packed with a wide range of features, functionalities and PrestaShop plugins that can help in optimizing your store performance. Let us know discuss the various features that are expected to be included in this latest PrestaShop version.

A faster and clean core due to the presence of features as modules-

With the increase in the coding of PrestaShop platform, it is getting slower day by day. In order to improve the performance of PrestaShop, this new PrestaShop 1.7 version will make the core lighter by removing the various features and adding them back as modules. The new PrestaShop 1.7 platform has removed these features and added them back as modules under the new PrestaShop version. Let us check out these features.

  • Multiple store.
  • Warehousing and supplier information.
  • The whole shipping system.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Multiple language support.

Provides better password security-

Earlier PrestaShop versions used to have password security that was based on the md5 algorithm which has become outdated in the current eCommerce scenario. With this new PrestaShop 1.7 platform, password security would be enhanced a lot with the availability of a more advanced algorithm.

Presence of a revamped product page-

With this PrestaShop 1.7 platform which is currently under the development stage, it will be easier for PrestaShop store owners to perform module management in a better way. There will be inclusion of tabs that will help you in checking out the installed modules, management of PrestaShop Addons that are waiting for an action and also discover the other helpful plugins for your online business.

Offers better product configuration-

Before the release of this PrestaShop version, earlier PrestaShop versions had a limited capability for product management and configuration. The product configuration was earlier limited to enable or disabling of products, providing them for sale or not along with the filling of general information. This new version will offer a revamped product page for ensuring quick product addition, refreshed interface, shortcuts, automatic management for combinations and much more. Some of the essential features that are expected to be incorporated into this PrestaShop 1.7 platform for product configuration are:

  • ISBN field for book sellers.
  • ASIN field for syncing with Amazon.
  • The ability to show the pricing information in the cart. This is an important element for store owners that sell below the MAP pricing.
  • The presence of configurable product tabs that are present globally or on individual product.

Allows back office access to error messages and debugging profiling-

The features in this new arriving PrestaShop 1.7 platform consists of various built- in features in the Advanced setting configuration for ensuring easy enabling or disabling without any coding. It is really an amazing feature for PrestaShop developers as they help in resolving issues on a store quickly.

Comes equipped with blog integration-

The inclusion of blog was not available with the earlier PrestaShop version which is one of the essential component of an eCommerce store for SEO purposes. However, with this new PrestaShop 1.7 platform, this critical issue would be resolved.

Consists of clean URLs-

With this arriving PrestaShop 1.7 platform, there is no need for id numbers to be removed from the product, category and CMS URLs. The new version will incorporates the friendly URL into the PrestaShop setting panel which can be easily enabled or disabled for better SEO performance.

So, till now we are keeping our fingers crossed for this upcoming PrestaShop 1.7 version which can surely change the eCommerce scenario after its launch. Let us wait for the completion of the development phase so that the “rabbit is finally pulled out of the hat” to improve the functionality of your PrestaShop store.

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