Say goodbye to those annoying checkout processes with this Magento Module

With the growth of the numerous e- commerce organizations around the world, it is important to prove your e- commerce store different from the rest so as to grab the immediate attention of your targeted customers. Checkout process on an e- commerce store can easily make a difference in the popularity and preference of the store among your other business rivals. You need to have a simple, easy and user friendly interface so as to encourage your potential customers to make online purchase through your e- commerce store. If you really want to write your own success story in the field of e- commerce business, you need to pay attention to this Magento checkout extensions that can improve the performance of your e- commerce organization. Here are some of the wonderful features of this Magneto One Page Supercheckout Extension that has made it quite popular among various e- commerce organizations of the world.

Easy login facility with the use of social media

Now, customers can easily register on your e- commerce store by logging through their social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Google+. There is no need to create a new separate account for registration during checkout process. Further, guest customers can easily perform login on your site due to its wonderful login facility.

Supports multiple design layout for checkout page

With the help of this Magento Extension, site admins can easily choose the layout, design or size for presenting information on their checkout page. They can choose a table layout for their checkout page that can provide complete information on a single page checkout and thus improves the site usability. Due to this feature, customers can have an easy access to their complete checkout information on a single page which can improve user experience and user engagement on your e- commerce site.

Facilitates seamless addition of the HTML content

Due to the easy addition of the HTML content, this Magento module has become one of the most popular extensions among numerous business organizations of the world. Store owners can easily add any desired image, text or link anywhere on their checkout page so as to increase the usability of their checkout information.

So, it is time to surprise your customers by providing them a simple, clean, user friendly and elegant checkout experience on your e- commerce store. This will not only improve your conversion rates but will also give a major push to your product sales. Just surf our e- commerce site and purchase this module to give a new definition to your online shopping experience.

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